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Top 50+ Best Android Games in 2021

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Who doesn’t like to play games, do you? Of course not. Playing games is the most common activity for many of us. Anyway, I myself love playing games online as well as offline on my computer but Android makes me happy by giving me all those enormous features that my computer provides. Sometimes I play games on my Android devices and forgets my computer. I’m excited to show you the most played games on the Android platform and I just realized why not write a brief article about top 50+ Best Android Games in 2020.

50+ Best Android Games in 2020

Ludo Star

Childhood in a desi household for sure includes board games and cards and what not? As a child, my favorite game used to be Ludo. It is a board game where on board, four colored squares are drawn which shows four teams. Each team has four tokens. You roll a dice and the number on the dice shows how many blocks you have to walk. The first team with all the tokens in the house wins.  But this was a board game, what became even more fun and took the internet by storm was Ludo Star-the same game in the application which you can play and compete with your friends.

There are three game modes in Ludo Star. You can either play a classic game where all four tokens have to be taken to a home in order to win. The second more is a quick game where only one token to be placed at home to make a win. The third is the Master mode where you can make wall tokens to block your opponent’s moves. This is the real game.

Ludo Star 2018
Download Ludo Star | Ludo Star for PC

3D Bowling for Android

3D Bowling is the most popular game of 2020 and people are so crazy about it. It helps you to challenge your friends online and see who makes the most goals.

3D Bowling for Android

Download APK | 3D Bowling for PC

8 Ball Pool Miniclip for Android

8 ball pool is a snooker game and it is yet another popular game of 2020, 2019, and even 2018. People of any age can play this snooker game and it is so easy. This Android game is so addictive and if you join today you will end up playing more than 10 levels. Download 2020’s best 8 ball pool snooker game on your Android smartphone today by using the download link below.

8 Ball Pool is rated for all though is suggested for kids above 4 years of age or older who are capable of playing tactical games. 8 Ball Pool app is accessible on both softstribe.com or on Google Play for free download though also offers in-app procurements typically ranged from $0.99 to $99.99.

The app offers you a realistic billiards game experience enabling you to break or play out a traditional 8 Ball Pool game. By way of 8 Ball Pool, you are capable of challenging your friends or join pre-standing billiards tournaments. These tournaments can hold around eight players in one time.

8 Ball Pool app also entails a level-up function making sure that players are continually challenged while utilizing this app. This cybernetic billiards app was created by MiniClip, a renowned action games originator.

8 Ball Pool Miniclip for Android

Download APK | 8 Ball Pool for PC

Angry Birds 2

After Angry Birds Android game from 2016-2017 now you can also download Angry birds 2 amazing 2020 best game on your Android smartphone.

Angry Bird 2 is the foremost authorized consequence of the legendary and well-known Angry Birds, this is unique of the utmost significant and widely-spread game in the times gone by. Unlike other games like Angry Birds Rio, this sequel offers some of the very interesting features.

The first thing that will be caught the attention is its improved graphics. The graphics are good in earlier Angry Birds games but they are outstanding in this game. Most of the times these realistic animations makes the user feel like you’re watching cartoons.

Angry Birds Android App

Download APK | Angry Bird 2 for PC

Angry Birds Rio

Unfortunately, it is no longer available on the Google Play store. However, you can still download the APK file of Angry Birds Rio, which you can install on your smartphone after allowing third-party app installation in your device.

Angry Birds Rio Android

Download APK | Angry Birds Rio for PC

Beach Buggy Blitz

Beach Buggy Blitz Android App

Download APK | Beach Buggy Blitz for PC

Benji Bananas

Benji Bananas Android App

Download APK | Benji Bananas for PC

Bike Race Free

Bike Race Free Android

Download APK | Bike Race Free for PC


Riders gonna love playing BMX boy Android game on their smartphones because it is a speeding up, jumping,performing various tricks in the air with BMX bike. It is so easy to play and you will love playing it.

BMX Boy Android App

Download | BMX Boy APK for PC

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

Download | The Walking Dead No Man’s Land APK for PC

Magic Rush: Heroes

After Clash of clans one of the most downloaded war Android games, war games were developed by other Android developers world-wide. Magic Rush: Heroes is yet another revolutionary war game similar to league of legends board game.

Download | Magic Rush APK for PC

Carrom 3D for Android

Carrom 3D for Android

Download | Carrom 3D APK for PC

Chess Free for Android

Chess Free for Android

Download APK | Chess Free for PC

Gladiator Heroes: Clan War Games

Gladiator Heroes: Clan War Games Android game help you to experience the life of a gladiator. Play gladiator heroes and become a real veteran gladiator. With its online MULTIPLAYER mode, you can challenge your family members or friends to start fights with you using events mode. Also, if no one is around, use dynamic challenge mode and fight against other gladiator assassins. I considers this game is amazing battle game with continuous battles strategy and turn-based command tactics game.

Gladiator Heroes is completely free strategy game, and you can download it on your Android smartphone/tablet from the given link below.

Download | Gladiator Heroes Clash APK for PC

Game of Thrones: Conquest

Westeros is at war and great houses clash, dragons rule the sky, and the army of the dead threatens the realm. Download game of thrones conquest on your Android smartphone to save the realm and conquer the GOT throne.

Download | Game of Thrones: Conquest™ APK for PC

For Freedom

Download | For Freedom APK for PC

Clash of Kings:The West

Download | Clash of Kings:The West APK for PC

Brutal Age: Horde Invasion

Download | Brutal Age APK for PC

Alexander – Strategy Game

DownloadAlexander APK for PC

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare

Download | Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare APK for PC

Summoners War

Download | Summoners War APK for PC

Drag Racing

Drag Racing is the classic nitro-fueled racing game for Android.

Drag Racing Android App

Download | Drag Racing APK for PC

Fruit Ninja Free

Fruit Ninja Free Android App

Download APK | Fruit Ninja Free for PC

Glow Hockey

Glow Hockey delivers a new style of hockey game. It is easy to play, hard to master. Now, install glow hockey and start challenging yourself with the computer opponents.

Download | Glow Hockey APK for PC

Gun Bros 2

GUN BROS 2 for Android

Download APK | Gun Bros 2 for PC

Highway Rider

One of the best bike racing game, which is amazing when you play it on Android smartphone/tablet. You can ride as fast as you like and earn points on your riding stunts.

Highway Rider Android App

Download | Highway Rider APK for PC

Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution Android App

Download APK | Hungry Shark Evolution for PC

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride for Android

Download | Jetpack Joyride APK for PC

Modern War

Modern War for Android

Download APKModern War for PC

32. Need for Drift Need for Drift Android App

Download | Need for Drift: Most Wanted APK for PC

World of Tanks Blitz

Download | World of Tanks APK for PC

Angry Birds Friends

Download | Angry Birds Friends APK for PC

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Download | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang APK for PC

Racing Moto

Racing Moto Android App

Download | Racing Moto APK for PC

Raging Thunder 2 FREE

Raging Thunder 2 will take you through abandoned temples, tropical beaches, and console-quality 3D graphics.

Raging Thunder 2 FREE Android App

Download | Raging Thunder 2 APK for PC

Rail Rush

Rail Rush Android App

Download APK | Rail Rush for PC

Reckless Moto

Reckless Moto Android App

Download APK | Reckless Moto for PC

Hay Day

Download | Hay Day APK for PC

Narcos: Cartel Wars

Download | Narcos APK for PC

Fastlane: Road to Revenge

Download | Fastlane: Road to Revenge APK for PC

Speed Car Android

SpeedCar Android

Download | SpeedCar APK for PC

SWAT End War

SWAT End War Android App

Download APK | SWAT End War for PC

Speed Moto

SpeedMoto Android App

Download | SpeedMoto APK for PC

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is known to be the best racing games in 2020. Just like most wanted racing game it is as addictive as weed. haha! so don’t get addicted to real racing 3 on your Android smartphone.

Real Racing 3 Android App

Download | Real Racing 3 APK for PC

Speed Night

Speed Night Android App

Download APK | Speed Night for PC

Speed Night 2

Speed Night 2 Android App

Download APK | Speed Night 2 for PC

Skater Boy

Skater Boy Android App

Download APK | Skater Boy for PC

Ultimate Combat Kungfu Street Fighting 2020

Street Fight Android App

Download APK | Ultimate Combat Kungfu Street Fighting 2020 for PC

Stunt Car Challenge

Stunt Car Challenge Android App

Download APK | Stunt Car Challenge for PC


SpeedCarII Android App

Download APK | SpeedCarII for PC

Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket for Android

Download APK | Stick Cricket for PC

Snow Bros Lite

Snow Bros Lite for Android


Truck Parking 3D

Download APK | Truck Parking 3D for PC

Team Awesome Free

Team Awesome Free Android App

Download APK | for PC


X Runner for Android

Download APK | X-Runner for PC

Weaphones: Gun Simulator Free

Weaphones Gun Simulator Free for Android

Download APK | Weaphones: Gun Simulator Free for PC

GTA Tank vs New York

GTA Tank vs New York for Android


Lane Splitter

Lane Splitter for Android

Download APK | Lane Splitter for PC

Mini Golf MatchUp

Mini Golf MatchUp Android App

Download APK | Mini Golf MatchUp for PC

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