Top 10 Clean Google Fonts to Use in 2013

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The fonts play the most important role in a blog. There were lots of troubles in choosing fonts in the past but now Google make it even easier to choose webfonts easily from the Google Webfonts directory. I’ve listed in this article about 10 Clean Google Fonts that maybe use in 2013.

Clean Google Fonts to Use in 2013

1. Headland One by Gary Lonergan

HeadLand One

2. Lato by Lukasz Dziedzic

Lato Google Fonts

3. Lora by Cyreal

Lora Google Fonts

4. Cabin by Pablo Impallari

Cabin Google Fonts

5. Rosarivo by Pablo Ugerman

Rosarivo Google Fonts

6. Quintessential by Astigmatic

Quintessential Google Fonts

7. Chau Philomene One by Vicente Lamonaca

Chau Philomene One Google Fonts

8. Cabin Condensed by Pablo Impallari

Cabin Condensed Google Fonts

9. Philosopher by Jovanny Lemonad

Philosopher Google Fonts

10. Lobster by Pablo Impallari

Lobster Google Fonts

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  1. Lobster has been done to death in 2012, hope not to see it much in 2013.

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