(Last Updated On: July 12, 2013)

In this article, I’ve gathered 10 awesome free fonts for web typography. As far as I know that every web designer need these web typography fonts in order to make stand out projects. Out there are many people who still are stuck between what kind of fonts will suit to their sites or projects. By the way, these super free web typography fonts will figure them out what to use with their projects.

1. Sintony – Free Google Web Font

Sintony - Free Google Web Font


HECTICA web font

3. Salt & Foam

Salt & Foam

4. Bloquer Modular Typeface

Bloquer Modular typeface

5. Track Type

Track free font

6. BARON Free Font

BARON Free Font

7. Savu Condensed

Savu Condensed

8. Primary Sans Font

Primary Sans

9. Higher – Free Font

Higher - Free Font

10. Morden Free Font

Morden Free Font