(Last Updated On: February 8, 2018)

Welcome to daily WordPress plugins roundup you guys, in this roundup of 12 July, 2013 I’ve listed down some of best plugins that you may need while working on WordPress. Some of these are management, newsletter, and other pretty WP plugins. I hope you like this round after walking through it.

New Plugins

  1. Better Read More – Use WordPress built-in tag to hide text on pages.
  2. Bootstrap collapse – Bootstrap Collapse plugin will let you use Twitter Bootstrap Collapse plugin on WordPress with help of Short codes [bc_group] and [bc_collapse]
  3. CrossPress 2 – Thanks to CrossPress two inputs can automatically post we publish on our website under WordPress in other services.
  4. Cf7 Mce – Add tiny MCE to ContactForm7 editor
  5. CP Image Store – CP Image Store is an online store for the sale of image files: images, predefined pictures, clipart, drawings, vector images. For payment processing.
  6. Easy Digital Downloads – Terms Per Product – Allow terms of use to be specified on a per-product basis
  7. Featured Image Resize – This plugin will regenerate all missing image sizes for an image when it’s chosen as a featured image for any post. No settings whatsoever.
  8. Javascript QRcode Generator – Pure JavaScript based QRcode generator
  9. SZ – Google for WordPress – Plugin to integrate Google’s products in WordPress with particular attention for the social network Google+.
  10. ThemeForest-Check – A supplement to the Theme-Check plugin that adds checks for ThemeForest’s WordPress Submission Requirements, and removes checks that aren’t
  11. Tanc Dimensions Helper – Adds an updating viewport width to the WordPress admin bar.
  12. Whitelist IP For Limit Login Attempts – This plugin allows you whitelist IP addresses so Limit Login Attempt plugin doesn’t block them.
  13. ViralRank – This plugin does one thing – it will show the ViralRank of your blog posts.
  14. Widget to search from ofru.ru – Add a Custom Search Site with no setup. Just drag and drop a widget and you’re done.
  15. Woopaymu Woocommerce Ipaymu indonesia payment Gateway – Accept payments through iPaymu for your online Store powered by woocommerce plugin, a payment gateway for Indonesia.

Updated Plugins

  1. Age Shortcode – Embed the author by age shortcode: EN: InsertAuthor by Age shortcode DE
  2. beastCoders Management – This Plugin is made to provide user the smallest basic functionalities.
  3. Custom Base Terms – With Custom Base Terms may enter custom structures in URLs for author, search, comments and page.
  4. Easy Media Gallery – This plugin enables you to create an awesome portfolio or gallery. Over 20,000 WordPress sites are already using Easy Media Gallery. Is Yours?
  5. Environment Indicator – Visually indicate the current server tier (dev, staging, production, etc.)
  6. Pretty Debug – A WordPress plugin that makes var_dump and print_r pretty!
  7. TSP Facepile – Facepile allows you to add WordPress users photo icons to your blog’s website in grid format.
  8. TSP Disable Autosave – Disable Autosave prevents WordPress from automatically saving duplicate copies of posts while editing.
  9. WP Theme Changrr Connector – Connector used to allow theme switching capabilities with the Android WP Theme Changrr app.
  10. WP Head Cleanup – WP Head Cleanup helps you to remove unnecessary extra links from the page header.
  11. Wysija Newsletters –  Send newsletters, post notifications or autoresponders from WordPress easily, and beautifully. (List of Best Free Newsletter Plugins)