Daily WordPress Plugins Roundup – 6 August, 2013

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I’m late in this daily WordPress plugins roundup class because I was out for shopping… Don’t worry, here is the roundup for today plugins.

New FREE WordPress Plugins

  1. African Flag Widget – A simple image widget utilizing the new WordPress media manager.
  2. Automatic NBSP – Automatic NBSP add HTML non-breaking space ( ) in your posts, custom post types and pages. (It’s broken plugin said by majority of WordPress users)
  3. BLT Counter – Show total value influence of SNS at anywhere.
  4. Buzzword-Generator-Shortcode – Makes marketing bullshit based on the old dack.com arrays
  5. Gwebpro Store Locator – Introducing a unique and ultra-modern location management system that lets you add a Location Finder option directly to your site.
  6. Float Right Advertisment – Create float right advertisment, this advertisment was fixed. Support HTML, image, flash….
  7. Functionality – Creates a functionality plugin where you can add your functions.php code snippets.
  8. MZ Post and Page Excerpts Widgets – Creates widgets that display excerpts from posts or pages in the sidebar.
  9. Pinterest Verify – Verify your website with Pinterest and show pinners you’re a trustworthy source!
  10. Pco Image Widget Field – Easily add image fields to your custom widgets.
  11. Random Messages – Show random messages anywhere.
  12. Royal Search Form – This plugin add search form in post/page using shortcode [rtsearchform].
  13. Simple Custom CSS – Add Custom CSS to your WordPress site without any hassles.
  14. Tabs recent posts vs recent comments – This is a jQuery based lightweight plugin to create a new WordPress tabbed widget to display recent posts and recent comments.
  15. WP CityLife – The easiest way to include CityLife in your website. Create some custom discover feeds with the channels you want.

Updates WordPress Plugins

  1. All in One Slider – All in One Slider is an amazingly easy to use responsive image slider plugin for your WordPress site.
  2. Dependency Minification – Automatically concatenates and minifies any scripts and stylesheets enqueued using the standard dependency system.
  3. Planaby Shows and Events Widget – Make your events Mobile-Ready, and easily list upcoming events on any blog post or sidebar using the The Planaby Shows and Events Widget.
  4. Single-Term Taxonomies – Using the “Single-Term Taxonomies” plugin you can limit the taxonomy terms chosen for a post to maximum one.
  5. wp-roundabout-pro – Create awesome 3D rotating or flying slides with this free WordPress plugin.

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