Daily WordPress Plugins Roundup – December 25, 2013

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New WordPress Plugins

  • Better Admin Reading – Restores balance to WordPress 3.8’s admin. Improves the admin experience especially if you have a lot of menu items.
  • Easy Collapse Accordion – This plugin uses Bootstrap and jQuery to add a very basic collapsable accordion to your theme. Use your own CSS for styling
  • RSS News Scroller – RSS News Scroller is a simple WordPress plugin to create a list of news with images from RSS feed and display it in marquee
  • PR Graumailing – Plugin integration between Contact Form 7 and Graumailing.
  • Sticky Social Icon – Sticky social icon is a simple container of social media icons with links, glued to the right side of the browser window.

Updated WordPress Plugins

  • Advanced Custom Fields: Range Field – jQuery Range Slider field for Advanced Custom Fields
  • CMS2CMS: Wix to WordPress Migrator – Time to switch your site from Wix to WordPress? This plugin is what you need.
  • CMS2CMS Blogger to WordPress Converter – In case you need to convert your site from Blogger to WordPress, this plugin will assist to move your content automatically.
  • Shortcode in Comment – Enables blog owners to allow some shortcodes to be used in comments. You can choose what to allow.
  • Author List – Display the list of authors with gravatar image and show the total number of post count on hover
  • Kento Like Post – Facebook Style like button for WordPress with like count and user thumbnails.
  • Multimedia Customer Feedback – Inspire your customers to provide feedback in video, audio, photo, and text format. Make it easy for you to reward customers for sharing experience.
  • My Optional Modules – A bundle of optional WordPress modules to enhance functionality.
  • Post Section Voting – Divide posts into sections and implement voting for each of them. Great for list-type posts.
  • WordPress Hook Sniffer – The WordPress Hook Sniffer plugin is a tool for plugin developers that helps determine the sequence in which action and filter functions are fired.
  • WP Power Stats – Clean & simple statistics for your WordPress site.


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