How to Add a Social Sticky Header Bar in WordPress

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Social sticky header bar is one most popular thing with which you can increase your social shares, feed subscribers and make your blog look awesome. We’ve also noticed that most popular websites like Hongkiat, OnextraPixel and other sites out there¬†are using the social sticky header bar. So, I thought to make a tutorial on how to add a social sticky header bar in WordPress.

We’ve already written some articles about how to make sticky sidebar in WordPress,¬†How to Add Sticky Menu in Genesis, and now How to Add a Social Sticky Header Bar in WordPress.

social sticky header bar

FBar Social

FBar Social is a WordPress plugin, it let’s you add a social sticky header bar on the top of your blog homepage, posts, pages, etc. On installation, a tab with name of FBar Social will be registered under Settings tab in the left sidebar in admin panel. Everything is customizable, the color of the sticky bar, the social buttons are ready and all you have to do is to add your social media profiles links in the plugin settings page. You can also set the width of the sticky bar either fixed or full widget and so on.

Fbar Social Sticky Header Bar

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