Daily WordPress Plugins Roundup – 11 July.2013

Today is Friday, in this daily WordPress plugins roundup I have listed down the new plugins as well as updated plugins by date 11 July, 2013. I hope you guys, will like this roundup.

New Plugins

  1. Age Shortcode – Embed the author by age shortcode: EN: InsertAuthor by Age shortcode DE
  2. Cart32 Shopping Cart – Allows you to easily and quickly connect your Cart32 Shopping Cart to WordPress.
  3. CasaSync – The WP plugin for your real estate website real estate imported from your broker software!
  4. Custom Base Terms – With Custom Base Terms may enter custom structures in URLs for author, search, comments and page.
  5. HTH Embed Media Player – This plugin creates a shortcode so you can embed House to House media on your WordPress site.
  6. Pretty Debug – A WordPress plugin that makes var_dump and print_r pretty!
  7. SimpleTwit – Everything a developer needs to pull in a Twitter feed, OAuth handling, caching, and more. All without predefined styles that can just get in the way.
  8. social Network Contact – Social Network icons shows up Automatically in all your posts. with posts view.
  9. WP Theme Changrr Connector – Connector used to allow theme switching capabilities with the Android WP Theme Changrr app.

Updated Plugins

  1. All in One Webmaster – Sitemap submission to Google & Bing. Webmaster option 4 Google,Bing,Facebook,etc. Analytics option 4 Google, Placed, Quantcast, Clicky, Compete (Quick Tutorial: All in One Webmaster)
  2. CloudFlare – The CloudFlare WordPress Plugin ensures your WordPress blog is running optimally on the CloudFlare platform. (Quick Tutorial: Simple Steps to setup CloudFlare)
  3. Connect Address – Connect Address is a free WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin that lets customers request, retrieve and auto-populate a shipping address online.
  4. CSV to SortTable – Import data from a spreadsheet (.csv file format) and display it in a sortable HTML table.
  5. Feedburner Optin Form – Display a Feedburner email subscription form on your posts or pages.
  6. Feedweb – Expose your blog to the brand new audience. Find out what your readers think. Ask any question and get feedback. Join the community of 1000+ blogs!
  7. LoginWall for WordPress (Beta) – Security against all current password hacking techniques and more….
  8. Spaceapi – This Plugin provides a [Space Api](http://spaceapi.net) Json file.
  9. Twitch TV Embed Suite – Twitch TV Embed Suite allows easy placement of a twitch tv stream and/or chat anywhere on your WordPress site.

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