10 Easy Steps to Setup CloudFlare CDN in WordPress

Using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) is very important to give fast content delivery to your readers. CloudFlare makes it even easier to use a CDN with your WordPress blog just by replacing the nameservers in domain name system dashboard. The CDN can make your blog even faster than ever, it also improves yslow grade of your blog.

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How to use CDN to improve YSlow Grade

What CloudFlare Does?

CloudFlare Protect Your Site

How to Work with CloudFlare?

Follow the steps below to get started using CloudFlare CDN:

1. You must have an account of CloudFlare

2. Add a Website in your CloudFlare account

3. After the 60 seconds testing DNS, it’ll ask you to add the missing DNS records

4. You can find out the missing DNS records by going to cPanel > Advanced DNS records

DNS records in cPanel

5. Find out the missing records and add them in your CloudFlare account

6. After adding the missing records, just click the button says ‘I’ve added all missing records’

7. Choose pricing plan for your CloudFlare account and click the button ‘Continue’

The web performance security company

8. Now, finally update your domain nameservers in your Godaddy, Hostgator or anywhere you bought your domain from, we use hostmantis and here is what we have to do with nameservers

CloudFlare Custom Nameservers

9. Login to your DNS provider (e.g Godaddy, Hostgator, or any other)

Client Area HostMantis

10. Replace your nameservers with CloudFlare nameservers

Managing DNS hostmantis

That’s it. After updating the new nameservers of CloudFlare just wait for about 24 Hours, check for the site performance at Gtmetrix once again and see the bright results.

CloudFlare CDN in WordPress

WordPress Plugins Settings

1. Download, Install, and activate the CloudFlare CDN plugin

2. Go to Plugins > CloudFlare

CloudFlare WordPress Plugin Configuration

3. Enter the API key and add the email address that you used to sign-up at CloudFlare

However the plugin will not automatically work with your blog, but it has developed to retain the following things in such an ideal manner:

  1. It’ll correct IP information for comments posted to your blog
  2. It gives better protection and the spammers will get reported to CloudFlare

Well done.

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      1. I checked my account but it wasn’t showing any stats. I think I should wait for a day or two and then check the analytics again.

  1. The sooner is the better. Your visitors have no enough time to wait for your site. So you need to make it speedy. Using cache plugin we can do it. But I think CDN is the best option to increase the site speed. ClouFlare is the best free CDN.
    You have shared detail about the process to setup CloudFlare CDN. Thanks for your excellent article.

  2. Thanx..bro
    Hey i am using Cloudflare(CDN free service)and I’m using WP Super cache on my blog and how can I integrate Super Cache with Cloudflare.

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