How to Enable Banning, Un-Banning & Clearing IPs in CloudFlare

CloudFlare Threat Management WordPress plugin enables you to easily manage all banning, unbanning, and clearing IP addresses across entire CloudFlare account. Threat Management has already integrated with most popular WordPress security plugins such as WordFence.

How to Use CloudFlare Threat Management

Follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, install the plugin CloudFlare Threat Management in your blog
  2. Go to Settings > CloudFlare Threat Management
  3. On the plugin settings page, enter the CloudFlare associated email address and API key.
  4. Now, save that information and start specifying the list of IP address to blacklist (ban), whitelist (never ban) and clear (remove from CloudFlare completely).

Take into account that whatever you do changes while using CloudFlare Threat Management will be populated across your entire CloudFlare account. This means that if you have 50 domains registered under your CloudFlare account, and you ban a single IP address, that address is banned across all 50 domains. This is extremely helpful if you know the IP addresses are malicious and that you never want them to access your websites.

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