(Last Updated On: January 4, 2014)

The Google AdSense is one of the biggest source to make money online by displaying ads on your blogs/websites. Out there are several free blogging platforms to start free blogs online without paying a couple of dollars. There had been a couple of issues to get Google AdSense account completely approved.

It’s being a hard task for many bloggers especially from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. So, I’m going to show you different ways about getting your Google AdSense account approved. One of the great way to get it approve is that either we should use different revenue sharing websites which helps us to get AdSense  account approved or simply start a blog and work legimately.

Google AdSense

Revenue sharing websites means using these websites you will have a good chance to work on external websites which will let you apply for Google AdSense with a revenue share of 25 % – 30% between AdSense and the external websites upon your work…

Here comes a list of 5 sites that give you the chance to work freely but earn worthy.

1. Flixya

flixyaAt first Flixya.com is a social networking site where you share videos, photos, articles and in the back Flixya let’s you add Google AdSense ads on your profile there on Flixya account. From where you can get paid by 100 percent revenue with Google AdSense.

Create a Free Account Today on Flixya and Start making money by displaying ads on your profile on Flixya.

2. HubPages

HubPages is a user granted content sharing website where users can publish their blogs. On creating an account the members of the community will be given an account associated with a sub-domain called yourname.hubpages.com. You can publish blogs, share videos and photos on your profile.

Create a Free Account on HubPages

3. Bukisa

bukisaBukisa offers you to share you articles around the web and get paid by displaying ads on your own written content. You can even share your photos, videos and more using Bukisa…

4. WebAnswers

WebAnswers a website where people resolve their problems for free by getting quality and strong answers. The WebAnswers community offers you to answer the community members and if any of your answers was marked as the best answer on that page WebAnswers will let’s you add your AdSense ads to make money.

Sign Up Today with WebAnswers

5. Xomba

xombaMake money by sharing interesting stories, ideas, thoughts that you owned on your Xomba account. Xomba will let you apply for AdSense when your xomba account will be able to reach policies…

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