How to: Sell Direct Ads on Your WordPress Blog with CrankyAds?

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Does your blog have enough traffic monthly? Are you waiting for getting approved by Google AdSense which is the top advertising network on the web online? OR you are trying to get approved by BuySellAds but couldn’t fulfill their requirements. Then why are you losing your website’s strength if they are not approving you? Why?

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Okay, in this article I’m going to show you a pretty good way to make money by selling ad spots on your blog online. I know, it’s really hard to deal with someone because of high rate of scam online over web neither advertisers will trust you nor you’ll. So in this case the CrankyAds makes it easy, simple way to buy and sell ads for you and sponsors…


CrankyAds Makes Selling Ads Easy On Your Blogs

CrankyAds service is designed to service these three core needs:

  • Bloggers can easily earn money from their blog by selling ad spaces/banners to advertisers
  • It’s made the installation and management for advertising campaigns easy for both bloggers and advertisers
  • It’s a super great tool that turns your advertising revenue into a passive income stream

Let’s Start with CrankyAds

1. First of all, signup on CrankyAds
2. Now if you have successfully signed-up click Add Site
Add a new Site on Crankyads

Manage CrankyAds from WordPress Dashboard

If you want to get started with CrankyAds follow the steps below:

  1. Install CrankyAds WordPress plugin in your blog
  2. Click on CrankyAds from the left sidebar in admin panel

Login or register to CrankyAds

3. Now in the above step either you can login if you have an account of CrankyAds already or register a new account
4. Once you logged-in successfully you will be able to see the active ad zones on the plugin settings page

CrankyAds Settings Ad Zones

5. Now, you can manage your ad spots directly from your WordPress dashboard

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  1. is there any direct sell ad company for blogger blogs??

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    1. Well, I don’t think so but you can use Google Adsense to generate revenue from your site.

      Here is how you can get your Google Adsense account approved.

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