Top 4 Free Default WordPress Themes Bundle from 2010 to 2013

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Year after year whenever the WordPress developers upgrades the version of WordPress, they give a free default WordPress theme along with the new version. To provide a basic understanding for beginner developers out there. Here is a quick chart after that what WordPress has done from 2010 to 2013.

Free Default WordPress themes Bundle01

In 17 June 2010, the WordPress developers released the 3.0 version of WordPress in which a new theme Application Programming Interface (API); the merge of WordPress and WordPress MU, creating the new multi-site functionality, a new default theme called “Twenty Ten”, and many less visible tweaks. ~ Thelonious

In 23 February 2011, the developers of WordPress released the 3.1 version of WordPress. ~ Reinhardt

In 4 July 2011,  released only after four months of version 3.1, it mostly focused on making WordPress faster and lighter. ~ Gershwin

In 11 December 2012,  support for the Retina Display, color picker, new theme: Twenty Twelve, improved image workflow ~ Elvin

Coming soon WordPress 3.6, New theme: Twenty Thirteen; Admin Enhancements, Revisions Update, Autosave and Post Locking.

Free Default WordPress Themes Bundle

  1. 2010 (Twenty Ten)
  2. 2011 (Twenty Eleven)
  3. 2012 (Twenty Twelve)
  4. 2013 (Twenty Thirteen) Twenty Thirteen Available in WordPress plugin

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