Least.js – Random and Responsive Image Gallery with LazyLoad

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Least.js is an HTML5, CSS3 based Image Gallery which shows your image gallery randomly + responsively. If you use least.js in your website then you have got to fork and benefits from its great feature called lazyload. The gallery images will only loads when a user scrolls down the page.

least.js   Random   Responsive HTML 5  CSS3 Gallery with LazyLoad

Random and responsive image gallery works similar to Google Images that when a user clicks an image from the gallery the image will load bigger by sliding the rest of the gallery down and the big version of the image will be shown on the top.


  • Slider function
  • Images lazy loading
  • Random and responsive
  • Compatible with modern major browsers (As it uses HTML5, CSS3 modern web technologies)
  • Easy to use
  • Enable and Disable random pictures
Compatibility: All Major Browsers
Download from GitHub: https://github.com/kamilczujowski/least/

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