CSSCSS – CSS Redundancy Analyzer Which Analyzes Redundancy

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Let me tell you what CSSCSS is? and Why it is for?

It’s a mind-blowing CSS redundancy analyzer which analyzes redundancy. CSSCSS let’s you parse CSS files that you give it then it’ll let you know which rulesets have duplicated CSS declarations.

csscss by zmoazeni

If you think, that why it is for? My answer will be:

Maybe it’s one of the cool strategies for me in order to maintain CSS I’ll take a look to reduce duplication as much as possible. To do that, you need to have all the rulesets in your head at all times. That’s hard, csscss is easy.

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Website: http://zmoazeni.github.io/csscss/ (How to Use?)
Download from GitHub: https://github.com/zmoazeni/csscss


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