(Last Updated On: May 23, 2013)

The Exception Performance Series started by Yahoo which recommends the website owners to use optimized images inside of their websites, and for that  Yahoo started a script called Smush.it to optimize images which named as Yahoo Smush.it but gradually a WordPress plugin developer Alex Dunae who converted that script into a WordPress plugin named as WP Smush.it to make use of Yahoo Smush.it directly from WordPress dashboard rather than uploading images one by one to Yahoo, however we can smush the previous images too in WordPress with the same plugin.

  • This script strips meta data from JPEGs
  • Compress JPEG images
  • Converts certain GIFs to indexed PNGs

yahoo smush it


Check out: TinyPNG PNG image Compressor

How WP Smush.it Works?

Simply download WP Smush.it and install it in your blog. Go to Settings > Media and tick from the drop down list that “Automatically process on upload”.

WP smush it settings

The rest of images that you have uploaded in the past, you can simply smush them up by going to Media > Library tick the check box that you want to smush.it and click bulk smush.it from the drop down list, Apply.

Media Library bulk smush it