Top 20+ High Paying CPC Keywords for Google AdSense in 2018

Google AdSense is one of the finest leading advertising platform across the world. Google AdSense allow webmasters and publishers to add Google AdSense ads on different websites and pay them with a couple of algorithms. If you are also AdSense Publisher, then you probably know about CPC (Cost-per-click). Many AdSense publishers are looking to increase their earning through clicks.

Sometimes it happens that people face good CTR (Click-through-rate), but low CPC that means you are facing good CTR but low AdSense estimated earning.

Let me give you an example that if you are getting almost 20 clicks and your estimated earning is $1.6 it’s really an unexpected earning just because of CPC $0.08 per click you get $1.6 for 20 clicks.

If you are looking for high paying CPC keywords, you will be able to know in this post I’ll share 20+ high paying CPC keywords for AdSense.

120+ High Paying CPC Keywords for Google AdSense in 2018

Here is the list of 50+ high paying CPC keywords for AdSense in 2018:

Donate car California, how to donate a car in California, Donating a car to charity in California ($105)
Online college course, college course Online, Online summer college courses ($78)
Miami Criminal Lawyer, Miami Dui lawyer, Criminal lawyer Miami ($70)
Donating a car tax benefit, Donating car tax benefit, Car donation tax benefit ($59)
Dedicated hosting, Dedicated server hosting, Dedicated WordPress hosting ($53)
Insurance companies, car insurance companies, auto insurance companies ($52)
Automobile insurance quote, Automobile insurance quotes, Automobile shipping quotes ($50)
Health records, Personal health record, electronic health records ($40)
Online stock trading, Trading stocks Online ($35)
Forex trading platforms, Best Forex trading platform, Forex trading platform ($20)

Let us know if you have got any other high paying CPC keywords in 2018 than that of above listed keywords. Kindly share this article with your friends on your favorite social media profiles.

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  1. wow $105 Amazing. now i will try to donate my car in charity :p jokes apart.. thanks for these helping keywords !!

  2. Hye ,
    Thanks for the info 🙂
    My blog isn’t related to any of the keywords mentioned above , so is it fine if I use them in my posts?
    Waiting to hear from you soon 🙂

    1. No, it is not fine you need to create a separate blog if you want to target any keyword from the list above. And by the way, target per keyword per website niche. Hope you understand.

  3. Very much informative content have on it. Can you please tell me how can i find daily unique search for these keyword.
    Thank you so much softstribe for your amazing article

  4. It is a very good article which help us to make changes to our sites so that we may earn more from our contents. I am really very thank ful for this great help.

  5. Muhammad Haroon brother plz tell me how to use these high cpc links plz detail sy baten ye kisy use karny hongy adsense main

  6. Dear MOhammad Haroon. Thanks for your nice blog, can you suggest some keywords for me. I have a website regarding health advice. like home remedies. I am getting very low cpc. Just minimum cpc. Kindly help me for keywords. I shall be very great thankful to you.. My website has 10000 daily visitors. But my earning is just 10 to 20 $. Kindly help.

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