How to: Create a Free Classifieds Website with Osclass Script?

A classifieds website is where ordinary people try post ads regarding their owned things that they want to sell out there on the web, and in the back other people who would be interested in the listing classifieds try to contact the seller to purchase. A classifieds website may be described in the following major categories:

  • Ad Posting
  • Jobs
  • Real Estate
  • Buy & Sell Cars
  • Buy & Sell Mobile Phones
  • Buy & Sell Everything You want

So, in this article we are going to learn how we can build a free classifieds website. It’s not about diving into coding but out there on internet, numerous free classifieds scripts are available to build a free classifieds website.

What’s Going on?

Oops, nothing so far but going to install Osclass which is an open-source script for creating free classifieds website without any technical knowledge. And I’d love to teach you how we can build a free classifieds website with Osclass in just a few minutes. Those who really want to know stay tuned with this article. Others may leave it. 😉

Osclass  the free classifieds script

Preferred for Advanced Users: Read the 3 Steps installations of Osclass Script, if you’ve suffiecent knowledge about MySql, PHP, HTML, CSS, etc.

Preferred for Beginners Users: Read the rest of the article to learn step to step visual installation of Osclass Script.

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Free Classifieds Website with Osclass Script (Complete Installation Guide)

Let’s start creating a free classifieds website with Osclass script. Follow the steps below to get started with your own classifieds website:

1. Download the Osclass Script
2. Upload the .zip and extract the file inside of the directory from where you want to access your classifieds website
3. Browse the directory in the browser where you had uploaded the Osclass script

At once you will see a fatal error in browser called:

There doesn’t seem to be a config.php file. Osclass isn’t installed.

So, to make a config.php file we already have one in the core files of osclass script. Look for config-sample.php and change it to config.php where the whole files of osclass script are available from the directory.

Fatal Error in Osclass Classifieds script

4. If you have just changed the name of the file from config-sample.php to config.php, try refreshing the page with F5 button, and click Run the install button.

Osclass Open source classifieds script Installation

5. If you have just clicked the button Run the install, it will ask you to connect the osclass classifieds script to the database. We’ve already learnt about how to create a database connection when installing EsoTalk Forum.

Osclass Installation Database connection

6. Once you added the database information, click the button Next.

7. Enter your adminitrator login details:

Osclass Installation Admin details

If you did install the Osclass script successfully, and now you’ll be able to see your own classifieds website inside of browser when you visit the directory where the Osclass script is available. Congrats 🙂

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