How to unlock Bootloader on Huawei Honor 9 and 9i

If you are Huawei Honor 9 or 9i user and want to unlock bootloader on your Android smartphone then you must read the rest of the article. It will guide you to unlock bootloader on Huawei Honor 9 and 9i official using Huawei unlock bootloader tool.  I have written this article after a thorough research on how one can unlock bootloader on Honor 9 and 9i.

Before you proceed on unlocking bootloader on Honor 9 and 9i and these are the things you will need before unlocking bootloader:

Pre-requisites to start unlocking bootloader on Honor 9 and 9i

  • You must have a PC/Laptop
  • Phone must be charged to at least 80%
  • Make sure you take backup of your device in case you need it later
  • Data cable (USB cord to establish connection between Android and computer)
  • Note down your smartphone’s IMEI number on a piece of paper (to get IMEI no# Dial *#06#)
  • Note your Product id by dialing  # *#1357946#*#*
  • Register in Huawei official site to get the Unlock Code


Bootloader is the heart of Android Rooting because bootloader allows you to install Custom ROMs in your Android device. As Custom ROM is not as the same as original OS (Stock ROM). And Custom ROM can cause your phone and already installed apps to stop working exactly how it should work.

Things you should remember while unlocking bootloader

Let me tell you that on unlocking the bootloader will void your phone's warranty. Weather it's an Official Firmware or Unofficial Firmware on unlocking the bootloader on your device, the phone manufacturer will not be able take any guarantee of your device to work properly.

The methods can be different for unlocking bootloader on Android smartphones depending on device manufacturer.

How to unlock bootloader on Huawei Honor 9 and 9i

By the way, this unlocking bootloader technique works on all versions of Huawei Honor 9 and 9i:

  • At the very first place, you have to enable Developer options
  • Enable OEM unlock in your developers option
  • Download the Huawei Unlock Bootloader Tool
  • So, login with Huawei id that you got after registration
  • Click Download in the Huawei Portal

Unlock Bootloader click download

  • Then go to unlock bootloader page
  • It will give you unlock code and make sure you save it somewhere safe
  • Tick Agree to terms and conditions for Unlocking agreement
  • Now enter the device information
  • Download Huawei Unlock Bootloader tool
  • Exact the .zip folder and click on Unlock-Bootloader.bat from extracted folder
  • Select the language and hit enter (Hit Enter twice)
  • It will ask you for the code

Select Language Unlock bootloader Huawei Honor 9 and 9i

  • First, take your phone and Turn it off then Press Volume Up and Power button simultaneously to open Fastboot mode
  • When you are in fastboot mode simply connect your phone with USB cord to your PC
  • Paste the code which you got from Huawei Unlock website
  • Congrats, your phone is unlocked

That’s how you can easily unlock bootloader on Huawei Honor 9 and 9i.

Note: Before following the method, make sure you read the disclaimer.

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