Quick tip: OEM Unlock on Samsung smartphones (Unlock Bootloader)

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After Google Nexus devices, Samsung have started top implement the easiest way to unlock OEM on Samsung devices. You don’t have to worry about any hardware stuff any more like we used to do i.e., for example Xiaomi Mi A1. In this article, I have shared easy way you can unlock bootloader on some of Samsung edge, Galaxy devices using OEM unlock method.

You will be able to find OEM unlock on Samsung devices after following the simple steps below on your Samsung devices.

I repeat, it doesn’t work on all the Samsung smartphones.

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OEM Unlock on Samsung smartphones

Follow the steps:

  • Go to Settings → Tap on Build number 7-8 times
  • This will make developers options available inside Settings
  • Now, if you have OEM unlock toggle available in your developers options then you are lucky because it depends on variants

  • You can one-tab unlock bootloader (OEM unlock) on your Samsung smartphone
  • Tapping over blue toggle sign will unlock bootloader not all Samsung smartphones will have it

That’s how you can easily unlock bootloader on Samsung smartphones now. Feel free to comment below if you don’t find OEM unlock on your smartphone’s developer options.

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