How to reboot LG V20 (safe mode) in Android

Safe mode is one of the best ways to test, and troubleshoot problems. Like we use safe mode in Windows to see if any of our program is broken or driver is not installed. Just like Windows safe mode, you can enter in to LG V20 safe mode (or let’s say how to reboot LG V20).

Don’t worry about how to reboot LG V20 (safe mode), you will be able to do that after complete reading this article.

If you are having problems with your LG V20 like hanging, app can’t run, errors like that then rebooting your phone in safe mode is good idea.

How to reboot LG V20 (safe mode) in Android

People try to As I said earlier that you may have to reboot or let’s say enter into safe mode in order to hard reset, reinstalling the stock Android firmware on your LG V20.

2 methods to reboot LG V20 (safe mode)

Following are the 2 methods that can definitely help you to enter safe mode:

  • Restart in Safe Mode
  • Power up in safe mode

Restart in Safe Mode

  • Press and hold the Power button
  • When you see Phone options (release the Power button)
  • Hold Power off till your phone, Restart in safe mode (text will be displayed on screen)
  • Tap on turn ON from the screen when reboot to safe mode prompt
  • Here it might take a couple of minutes to complete restart process
  • Once restarted, Safe mode appears in the lower left of the unlock/home screen
  • Along with Safe Mode enabled in the notification bar

Power Up in Safe Mode

  • Make sure your device is completely switched off
  • Press and hold Volume + Power buttons till you see System recovery screen (release buttons)
  • From the recovery screen, choose Safe mode
  • FYI: Use volume buttons to highlight, Power button to select
  • It will start up device with the text of Safe mode displayed in the lower left corner of the screen
  • I repeat, it depends on your device configuration and it can take up to 1 minute to complete
  • Along with Safe Mode enabled in the notification bar

If you have any problems following through the guide, kindly comment.

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