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I know, people are going crazy about the latest Android Pokemon GO game that forces people to walk around the town and capture new Pokemon. But people should must know the dangers  of Pokemon GO.

However, if you find Pokemon GO real addictive and it doesn’t let you come back to home then you must read how to stop battery draining and take a power bank charging device with you while playing Pokemon GO.

Today, I’m going to walk you through a helpful Android app for Pokemon GO game i.e., Evolution Calc for Pokemon GO. Yeah, here is what you can do with Evolution Calc for Pokemon GO.

Evolution Calc for Pokemon GO

Evolution Calc for Pokemon GO app is for everyone who is playing Pokemon GO game on his/her smartphone/tablet. Using Evolution Calc for Pokemon GO app you can easily know how much the CP of your Pokemon will increase after evolving. Just pick your Pokemon and input the current CP of your Pokemone then the app will tell you the possible increment after evolving. Now with a lucky egg XP calculator as well as an upgrade CP calculator. It’s even possible to display strengths and weaknesses of Pokemon.

Update: We’ve added an IV calculator in our latest release.

Changelog of Evolution Calc for Pokemon GO (what’s new):

  • Big evolution calc update
  • Prestige calculator
  • Settings: alphabetical order
  • Improved IV calculator
  • IV Calculator
  • Changed and added some help texts
  • Switch between strengths and weaknesses
  • Removed pokemon with no evolution from evolution and lucky egg list
  • Some other small changes
  • Bug fixes
  • Further improved evolution calc
  • French and Japanese Pokemon name translation

So, if you are enthusiast about knowing how much CP of your Pokemon will increase after evolving then you should download evolution calc for Pokemon GO app for Android.

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