Free Download PokeWhere Realtime Pokeradar APK for Android

Have you been playing Pokemon GO game on your smartphones? If so, then I’m sure you gonna love PokeWhere Realtime Pokeradar Android app. This app is mainly developed for Pokemon GO gamers who are enthusiast about finding and capturing new Pokemon monsters daily.

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Well, you can have a real-time radar system to find out new Pokemon using Pokewhere Android app right on your smartphones. I loved PokeWhere Android application and I bet you gonna love this too. So, in this article I’m going to show you the best ways you can use PokeWhere app to capture new Pokemon and make up a real great team with some other Pokemon GO gamers.

Download PokeWhere Realtime Pokeradar APK for Android

Using PokeWhere Android app you will be able to have a Pokemon radar system on your Android smartphones that will show you the location of Pokémon nearby you in real-time.

PokeWhere Realtime Pokeradar Android app
PokeWhere Realtime Pokeradar Android app

How PokeWhere Android app Works?

  • After running the app PokeWhere in your Android smartphone
  • Go to your location by clicking the button on the top right
  • Then, when you move the map around you will see a ‘fetching..’ icon appear at the bottom to let you know it’s looking for Pokemon
  • If you didn’t find any location
  • You have to long press on the map to scan that area for any
  • Once Pokémon have appear you can tap the Pokémon to see the expiration timer of when it will despawn
  • As you move the map it will check for Pokémon in that area with a loading indicator saying “fetching” at the bottom of the app. If it finds nothing you might need to scan by long pressing in the area
  • However, if you want to scan a certain area on the map then you will have to long tap on that area, and a pin will show up in that area
  • Press on the pin to show the status of the scan

If you already know how Pokewhere works then you can just go to the link below and download PokeWhere Realtime Pokeradar APK for android.

Download PokeWhere Realtime Pokeradar APK for Android

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