Entering Download Mode in Huawei P10

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Previously, we had published how to find IMEI on Huawei P10 and now I’m going to guide you through, how to enter download mode in Huawei P10 Android smartphone. If you are using Huawei P10 then you must have faced several issues while entering download mode in Huawei P10. Don’t worry, we have discovered 3 methods to enter download mode in Huawei P10 and you will find all the methods in the tutorial below.

The methods can be different on how to enter download mode in Android smartphones depending on the manufacturer. So, for Huawei P10 we have put together simple steps on how to enter download mode.

3 Methods to Enter Download Mode in Huawei P10

Method #1: Via hardware keys

  • First, turn off your Huawei P10 completely (long press power key and choose Power off from popup window)
  • Wait 5-10 seconds
  • Press and hold (Volume Up and Volume Down keys)
  • Connect your smartphone with computer while holding Volume rocker keys
  • Download mode will be displayed in Huawei P10
  • That’s how it is done with hardware keys

Method #2: Execute adb command

Learn to install Android SDK on Windows, MAC OS X / Linux then install your Huawei P10 drivers on you PC. Afterwards, you have to go to developer options to enable USB debugging:

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How to [field title] in Huawei P10


  • Go to Android SDK folder, in your computer
  • Now, power ON your computer and connect it with your computer via USB cord
  • On your computer, from Android SDK open a cmd window (Shift + Right-click > Open Command Prompt)
  • In this cmd window type: adb reboot download
  • Hit, Enter
  • Congrats, you are successfully entered download mode in Huawei P10

Method #3: use Google Play app (but it required ROOTED)

If you are using rooted Huawei P10, then you can use this method to enter download mode in Huawei P10. You can use this third-party app from Google Play that will easily access your desired mode.

Download Quick reboot (root) Google play app and install it on your Huawei P10 smartphone and run it. You will have to choose reboot into download mode.

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  1. Guys, what can I do if the combination of keys doesn’t work and the phone doesn’t pwer off? The only thing it does is reboot when I long press the power botton, and stays on the logo screen. Thanks

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