How to find IMEI Serial no# in Huawei P10 Android smartphone

Huawei Android smartphone company is really amazing when it comes to provide features. Previously, we had published Hi Suite Huawei software that helps its users to connect Huawei smartphones with PC.

Huawei P10 is one big deal for its users because it is the best smartphone so far. Sometimes, P10 users need IMEI serial #no when they flash custom recovery or root or an install Android app which especially need IMEI #no to run. So, I figured why don’t I write an article showing step by step method to find IMEI serial #no in Huawei P10.

For your information, IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity which is given to every new smartphone that gets in the mobile market. IMEI serial number can be used for security, mobile tracking, other purposes.

Steps to find IMEI Serial no# in Huawei P10

We have 3 methods for you to find IMEI serial no# in Huawei P10. So, follow the steps below to find out IMEI no# for your device:

1. Settings to find IMEI serial no# in Huawei P10

  • Go to Settings on your Huawei P10
  • In the list of options, go down to select Device Information
  • Afterwards, check for Status
  • You will be able to find IMEI serial no# in Huawei P10 (You might find more information regarding your Android device which includes IMEI no too)

2. Using Service code

  • Specifically, if you just wanna know just the IMEI number just go to apps menu → dialer
  • Dial *#06#
  • Once you do that, the IMEI number will pop up on your device

3. Look on your Huawei P10 packaging box

You can simply look for your Huawei P10 packaging box, when you find your smartphone packaging box just look at IMEI serial no# on the box. Every mobile phone company print IMEI no# on its packaging box.

If any of the above methods didn’t work, comment below your issue.

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