How to Restore Moto X from Custom ROM to Stock ROM (Sprint Carrier)

Today, I came across a real interesting thing on to my Moto X smartphone. Let me tell you that my Moto X was already running on KitKat 4.4.4 but I was poked by one of my friends that a new Android Lollipop update was made available for my Moto X first generation. So, of course I started looking for OTA update by going into Settings > System Updates but the sad new was that I couldn’t see any update on my phone, instead it was saying:

“Your Phone is Up to Dated”

I was disappointed that why my phone didn’t get update for Lollipop? My phone’s carrier was AT & T and they were a bit late in rolling out the latest Android Lollipop update in Moto X first generation. I decided to use cyanogenmod 11 custom ROM for updating Lollipop on my phone. That’s where I faced a big tragic accident that made me obliged and I had to restore back from Custom ROM to stock ROM on my Moto X.

Restore Moto X from Custom ROM to Stock ROM

To restore Moto X from custom ROM to stock ROM you have to follow the guided tutorial below that will help you how to easily flash Moto X’s stock rom.

Moto X Toolkit v1.4.4

Moto X Toolkit is what we will be using as a key instrument in order to restore stock ROM on Moto X AT & T.

  • First of all, download and install Moto X Toolkit in your PC
  • Enable USB debugging mode
  • Once done, connect your phone with USB cord to your PC
  • Run the Moto X toolkit on computer
  • The Toolkit software will show you the device is connected or not
  • But if the device is not connected, then you will have to install the drivers on PC (third option in the software window)

Moto X Toolkit

You will have to type your choice in numeric to perform the corresponding action via toolkit and press enter.

  • After your device is connected, you have to choose the 9th option i.e., Flash back to Stock
  • After that you will have to choose the carrier of your Moto X smartphone i.e., Verizon, ATT, Sprint and so on

Flash back to stock

In this case, my Moto X’s carrier is Sprint and I’ll choose 3 and hit Enter but if your device’s carrier is different then you have to choose another option.

Back to Stock for Sprint Moto X

As you can see I’m and downloading and installing the OTA file using Moto X Toolkit which will automatically find the file and install it on my Moto X with Sprint carrier.


Finally, after going through the entire tutorial you will be able to restore Moto X from Custom ROM cyanogynomod to Stock ROM (Sprint Carrier).

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