Top 10 Find My Phone Android apps in 2024

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The most common mistakes we smartphone users make is that we do not download a good and trusty ‘find my phone’ application on time. Us humans are clumsy by nature; this is an unavoidable fact. Due to our careless activities we tend to lose our hard-earned smartphones that we rely upon so much to provide us with convenience and ease throughout the day. Imagine misplacing your phone after a tiring day outside, this kind of situation just adds further turmoil and agony to your already hectic day.

This is something that can be avoided by adopting a few simple precautionary steps. One of these steps that will prove to be the most useful in the long run, is downloading a reliable ‘find my phone’ application.

Once you download this application and enter your data into it, you will never fall victim to a stressful situation like this one. This is because using this application you will be able to locate your device in no time. Some of the best ‘find my phone’ applications are described below.

Top 10 Find My Phone Android apps

Find My Phone

A free of charge and extremely vital phone tracking application which is the perfect tool for people who tend to lose their phones or misplace them in the commotion of their busy and stressful daily routines. Having this in your phone, you will never have to worry another day of your life about losing your beloved device.


  • Observe location history of your device and see where it has been throughout the day.
  • Locate your phone when it gets stolen or misplaced.
  • Monitor the location of any lost device with time location updates.
  • Works for both Apple as well as Android devices.
  • Guides you to the most accurate location allowing for quick and easy retrieval.
  • You can notify your friends whenever you have safely reached home.


  • May glitch if you don’t buy subscription package.
  • Uses up a lot of battery power.
  • Charges for some extra features.

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Find iPhone, Android Devices, xfi, Locator Lite

Whether you own an Android device or an Apple device, this application will help you locate any of them in no time. A simple and user-friendly program meant to alleviate any and all phone misplacing stresses that one might encounter throughout the day. Locates and shows the location of your devices to you any time of the day.

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Find my Phone

If you are someone who frequently tends to lose their phone, this is the perfect application for you. An extremely easy to use tool that will allow you to locate your misplaced phone at any time you wish to. Consists of various useful features that add to the convenience of this handy must have tool.

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Google Find My Device

One of the best apps out there that can be used to locate your missing device whether it has been misplaced or even stolen. Find the exact location of your beloved phone using this handy tool that not only helps you figure out the exact location of the device but also keeps your entire data safe while you have misplaced it.

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Find my iDevices- TAGG

If you are an Apple fanatic who has various Apple devices such as iPhones or iPod Touch or even a MacBook, this is the perfect find my phone tool for you. We all know that Apple devices take quite the toll on your budget and if you lose such an expensive device, this is definitely a cause for extreme stress. With this app you can avoid such hectic situations as it will help you locate your misplaced or stolen Apple device in no time using an Android device.

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Find My Phone: Find My Lost Device

Easily find any and all lost phones using this application. Be worry free throughout your day and perform your tasks with ultimate ease knowing fully well that this application has got you covered and you will never lose your device with it. A reliable and handy tool to locate lost or even stolen devices.

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Find My Device & Location Tracker- Trackview

This application not only allows you to locate your devices at all times but also comes equipped with additional bonus features. It transforms the device into a connected IP camera with a GPS locator. Hence it allows you to discover the exact locations of your devices at all times and you can even see the surroundings of your device through its camera using this innovative feature.

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Find My Phone: Get your Lost Phone Location

Have you lost your phone and are in a state of panic? Want to avoid such instances from occurring again? This is the most fitting tool for you to use in such scenarios. Install this application and never again stress about losing your trusty devices as it allows you to accurately locate and discover where your device is.

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Phone Tracker By Number

A reliable and trustworthy application that provides you with an accurate GPS system to help you locate your phone and discover even the navigation and directions towards its location so you never lose your device. Works in a swift manner and provides pin point location after you have put in the number to be located.

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Find My Phone Whistle- gadget finder by whistling

If you often tend to lose your phone and are in an urgent need for a reliable application that will always help you locate your phone swiftly, think no more as this is the perfect application for you. Don’t waste time on frantically searching for your device here and there and use this application to locate it in a fast and trustworthy manner. This application makes an audio search to find your phone in no time.

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