Download Odin for Windows PC for flashing Android Devices

Android is one of giant smartphone operating system that help us every day. Android is free open source OS and anybody can develop their own applications for Android platform. In this age of science, the technology companies are developing smartphone devices and integrating Android to be those devices OS . Day by day, Android OS users are increasing rapidly. Android have great support for features. People root their Android devices to get as much features as possible to enjoy with unlimited Android applications.

Odin for Windows PC for flashing Android Devices

Android rooting is important because if your Android device is not rooted then it lakes features and you won’t be able to install more applications (Due to compatibility error). When we talk about Android smartphone and we found Samsung on top of the list because it have already manufactured almost amazing, features-rich Android devices and developed computer software for its Android smartphones like Samsung Kies Mini and the most popular ODIN. Odin is a flashing tool developed for Samsung Android smartphones/tablets that helps us to flash firmwares, Flash Custom ROMs, Updates and Kernels manually on Samsung devices.

But in this article, you will find old and new versions of Odin (flashing tool) for Windows-based computer. Currently, the latest and updated version of Odin is v3.09 that works in every Windows XP, 7, 8, Windows Service pack 2003 and also helps you to flash all Samsung smartphones/tablets so easily. This latest Odin v3.09 has an improved user-interface, stability and is very easy to use.

Odin 3.09 Flashing Tool

Download Odin for Windows

There are 5 old and latest versions of Odin flashing tool available on the internet that you can use to flash your Samsung Android smartphones. You can download the those versions of Odin by following the given links below. Just click the links to download the desired version of Odin in your PC:

  1. Download Odin v3.12.3
  2. Download Odin v3.09
  3. Download Odin v3.07
  4. Download Odin v3.04
  5. Download Odin v1.85
  6. Download Odin v1.83

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  1. Well, ODIN is just for Samsung devices and I’m not sure if will work for Nokia X however you may search around for Nokia x software to flash your Nokia x device

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