15 Best Horoscope apps for Android in 2019

Hello, readers… Today, we have come up with a fairly amazing and interesting idea to discuss. It has been observed that around for centuries there are a large number of people who believe in Horoscope. They are so curious to know about their future, and they love to read their horoscopes. There are so many different reasons behind this that why they do believe in horoscope.

Some truly feel that astrology can predict the future, while others read just for fun. Whatever the reason is, there’s no doubt that the popularity of astrology is increasing day by day. People think that horoscope can guide them while decision making. Some of the people do not even love to read their horoscopes but also they implement it to a particular situation.

When people feel lost or can’t find the right track, they turn their mind to horoscope to find some guidance. Once they find the answers to the muddled questions, they believe more than ever before.

Traditionally, people used to read their horoscopes in newspapers, magazines, and readers digests. But, in the modern age, it has become easier to read horoscopes on the smartphone. It is a fact that technology is a king, which is in our hands. Whatever we want to do, we can do it a lot of things in a faster and convenient way. Thanks to technology that has made everything smarter than ever.

Today, we chose this topic to write on because it enthralled the people’s interest to read and to know more about the astrology. So, here is a compiled list of 15 best horoscope apps for android. All applications are free and available on Google Play Store and APK as well.

The apps will help you to know about your daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope, and yearly horoscope along with your love compatibility, wealth, career, health and much more. So, what are you waiting for guys? Just get prepare yourself to know about the future predictions and enjoy the good read.

15 Best Horoscope apps for Android

ADNFX Free Horoscope

It is a developer on Google Play with several free horoscope apps for Android. The app contains each zodiac sign. The features include daily horoscope of love, work, mood, and other stuff. While the other features include weekly and monthly horoscopes, previous horoscopes, fun facts about the particular zodiac sign, and the social media sharing option is available as well.

The app is available in both ad-supported free and premium versions. To avail its advanced features, you have to buy an ad-free version. You can get it from Google Play Store.



The app is a complete astrology guide for Android users. The features include horoscopes for various moods like love, stress, sensibility, and several others. It also includes fun facts about each zodiac, yesterday’s horoscope reading, tomorrow’s horoscope reading, you also get zodiac compatibility ratings, shareable quotes, and even a tarot card reader which is for entertainment purpose.

The app is also entirely free with advertising. To remove advertisements, you have to pay some amount.



It is one of the best horoscope apps which includes a bunch of features. It tells not only your horoscope but it tells your birth time. And location as well. The app has a feature of weekly, daily, and monthly horoscopes.

While other features include moon phases, quotes of the day, birthdays of famous personalities, and lots of other stuff. The user interface is clucky but overall it has great features to use. The app is free with advertising. To remove the ads, you have to pay some amount.


Daily Horoscope by Comitic

It is a basic, simple horoscope app. It has a lot of basic features, including daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes. It also includes zodiac compatibility ratings, a widget, and Chinese horoscopes as well. It includes previous horoscopes up to about a week and it notifies you for your daily horoscope. The app has customized settings as well. The app is also completely free of advertising.


Daily Horoscope Plus

It is another popular free horoscope app. It features daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, compatibility ratings, and horoscopes for various moods. The other features include a fortune cookie simulator, daily lucky colors, Chinese astrology, and even some astrology articles.

The app is a good, simple, free horoscope app with some fun extras. The app is entirely free with advertising with no option to buy an ad-free version.


Horoscope By Best Horoscope App Ever

It is a simple app by Best Horoscope App Ever. The user interface is quite decent with good information and quick results. It features daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes with love compatibility, finance, and career horoscopes, and family and friend’s horoscopes.

It even includes the Chinese horoscopes. The app is completely free with ads and also no in-app purchases. You can get it from Google Play Store.



It is one of the new and free horoscope apps. The user interface is simple and easy to use. It features daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes and you can also share it on social media as well. You choose your horoscope, read it, and then share it if you want to. If notifies you for your daily horoscope.


Horoscope – Zodiac Signs

It is another free horoscope app. The app includes similar features like most of the apps have, such as; you can read your daily, weekly horoscope, and previous horoscopes as well. The app notifies you for your daily horoscope.

The other features include zodiac fun facts. It has a simple user interface. The app is available with the ad-supported free version, but the advertisements are not much annoying as they appear on the bottom of the screen.



It is another app with similar features. It features horoscopes for love, well-being, career, and social life. Each section contains a description. The user interface is quite good. The app notifies you for your daily horoscope. It is available in the ad-supported free and premium version on Google Play Store.

Download | iHoroscope – Horoscope App in PC

Yodha Daily Horoscope

It is the only app which is completely free with no advertisements. It offers free daily horoscopes and that’s really cool. It notifies you for your daily horoscope. The app has a simple and clean user interface. The app developer named Yodha developed another horoscope app with a bunch of advanced features that cost money.

Download | Yodha Daily Horoscope – Horoscope App in PC

Horoscope Club

It is one of the best apps that offers you to play quizzes online. The app features daily horoscope on love, career, health and much more. The other features include Tarot Cards, access to numerology, moon phase.

Mercury retrograde, and zodiac compatibility. More than that, it has a feature of sending messages, and chat service are also available to chat online with friends or in a group of friends.


Chaturanga Astrology, Advice and Daily Horoscope

The app has a unique feature to chat online with an astrologer. You can ask the first question for free, but for more questions, you will have to pay some amount for each question. The app contains various topics such as relationships, career, and business. You can use this app on Android and Apple watch as well.


Horoscope 2019 App – Free Tarot

This is another amazing horoscope app which features your daily horoscope, tarot horoscope, love compatibility, numerology, daily love horoscope, hexagram, dream horoscope, career, pet compatibility, wellness, and others. It also features your lucky dates for your success.

Download | Horoscope 2019 – Horoscope App in PC

2019 Astrology And Horoscope Lite

The app is similar like other apps with most of the features including daily predictions with detailed information. It also includes your annual horoscope along with the love horoscope, relationship horoscope, money, career horoscope, and health horoscope.

The app helps you to know about the horoscope compatibility and astrology as well. More than that, it tells you about the Chinese sign, birth color, and your tree, etc. The app supports four languages including English, German, French, and Greek.


Susan Miller Astrology Zone

It features a daily horoscope where you can read your daily and monthly horoscopes, check your compatibility with someone and read essays from astrologer Susan Miller. The app is available in both a free version and a paid premium version, which gives you access to advanced features like a look at the week ahead. The options to look at today’s, yesterday’s and tomorrow’s horoscopes and more access to Susan’s essays on topics like mercury retrograde.


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