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How to auto respond your WhatsApp Messenger contacts

We know WhatsApp is one of the best messenger apps of all the time, and people use it to get in touch. If you are WhatsApp user too then I’m going to share an amazing thing about it today.

There are two version of WhatsApp which are made available for us on Google play store right. I have categorized both versions of WhatsApp messengers something like that i.e., WhatsApp (social) or WhatsApp Business. It is really addictive social messengers out there, people get distracted at work, during the day, and at night too. If you are tired of WhatsApp messenger but still want to reply your close ones when they reach out to you on WhatsApp then read the rest of article. Have you ever heard of autoresponder for WhatsApp? No, don’t worry you are going to use it to auto respond your WhatsApp messenger contacts.

In this article, I’ll show you how to not get distracted with WhatsApp messenger and auto respond your WhatsApp messenger contacts.

AutoResponder for WhatsApp

Get ready to auto respond your WhatsApp Messenger contacts using AutoResponder for WhatsApp app. This app automatically replies to your contacts. It helps you to reply to your WhatsApp messages using custom bots you like. There are lots of settings to customize the bot for your needs.


  • Auto reply to WhatsApp messeges
  • Individually customizable
  • Send replies to all messages
  • React to specific messages
  • Live answer replacements
  • integration (formerly
  • Working as a Tasker plugin
  • Set contacts
  • Set delay
  • Specific times and days
  • Perfect for business
  • Reply with current location
  • Works with groups

Download WhatsApp AutoResponder APK

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