How to Create Website like 9Gag Using WordPress

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Aruna is one of the best alternative to create a content sharing website like 9Gag. Aruna is known as the clone of 9Gag and people are using it to create a content, image, and short clips sharing website using WordPress CMS. Aruna WordPress theme is built with HTML5 and CSS3 like modern web language and can also be viewable in any mobile device after all it is fully responsive and retina ready.

It’s built with powerful user experience in mind. With amazing posting module, it only takes 10 seconds to post, you can easily build slider posts and more! The functionality is a lot like the famous 9Gag so we call it the 9Gag clone using WordPress. But a lot more features have been added to Aruna theme so it’s not exactly the clone of 9Gag but more.

Everybody like sharing content on the web like we do usually in our Facebook, Twitter or any other social media account (We share, share and share without having any break). So, the same thing is with Aruna theme, you will be able to let your users register easily and they’ll be able to post immediately.

A new way to Bookmark (Save) your favorite content serves as a “keeper”, and it also works on mobile device? You can also choose from over 600 Google Web Fonts with ease! Did we mention it comes with Retina Ready Graphics? Really amazing and clean WordPress 9Gag theme (we call it Aruna).

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Aruna WordPress theme the exact 9Gag Clone


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