(Last Updated On: September 3, 2013)

Amit Agarwal is one of best tech guys who have got 15+ years of experience in web technology and I have just found the 5 great WordPress plugins created by him so far. His personal blog is Digital Inspiration · www.labnol.org where he share his personal technology columnist, a popular how-to site for internet problem. His interests are really awesome and I like those interests (WordPress, Screencasting, Web Apps). I’m fan of Amit Agarwal from Labnol.org who is an Indian Blogger. Let’s just check out the 5 Great WordPress Plugins by Amit Agarwal from Labnol.org.

Labnol Digital Inspiration

Labnol Digital Inspiration

Google XML Sitemap for Images

This WordPress Google XML sitemap for images plugin will generate an XML sitemap for Images that exist in your WordPress blog posts/pages. XML sitemaps are a way to tell Google, Bing and other search engines about web pages, images and video content on your site that they may otherwise not discover. By the way, this plugin will generate a sitemap for your blog images URLs that are attached to your blog posts and pages just within a single click.

Google XML Sitemap for Videos

This WordPress Google XML sitemap for videos plugin will generate an XML sitemap for your WordPress blog using all YouTube videos that you may have embedded in your blog posts. Your Video Sitemap will include webpages which embed videos from YouTube or which links to videos on YouTube.

Google XML Sitemap for Mobile

This WordPress Google XML sitemap for mobile plugin will generate a sitemap for your WordPress blog with URLs that serve mobile web content.

Social Sharing Analytics

Social Sharing Analytics WordPress plugin will display the social sharing counts of your blog posts directly in your WordPress Admin Dashboard. By the way, the sharing statistics are pulled from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other social networks. You can also tweet, like or +1 your blog posts from the WordPress admin dashboard itself. The plugin uses JavaScript to display the social sharing counts and does not store any data in your WordPress database or blog posts.

Favicon Images for Comments

Favicon Images for Comments WP plugin lets you add favicons next to your blog comments using the site URL of the commentator. You can also check out the how to add custom gravatar image for comments in WordPress.