How to Add Sitemap page in WordPress Blog

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Well, if you are using WordPress then you might know that sitemap is one of the best way to over look a website clearly and see what it contains from posts, pages, custom post types, etc. However, there are two types of sitemaps in a blog i.e., one for search engines and one of blog audience. I am going to show you how to add sitemap page in WordPress blog for your blog audience. But, if you want to create XML sitemap for search engines (i.e., Google, Yahoo or Bing) read this article.

No doubt, sitemap can increase your website’s user experience and also help you increase your organic ranking position throughout search engines. We must create both HTML as well as XML sitemaps for our blogs for good user experience.

Search engine crawling

Robots.txt file is the most necessary file for the search engines crawlers in order to figure out which things should be crawled and which should be neglected. This thing is defined by user-agents, defined in robots.txt file for search engine crawlers. You  must add HTML and XML sitemaps inside robots.txt file for good crawling and fast indexing.

Anyway, this article will guide you, how to create sitemap page in WordPress blog.

How to Add Sitemap page in WordPress Blog

WP Sitemap Page WordPress plugin is the best way to add sitemap page in WordPress blog. Now, you don’t have to create sitemap by online sitemap generators which takes a lot of time and need to be updated regularly.

  • First of all, create a page i.e., Sitemap (Pages → Add new)
  • Install and activate WP Sitemap Page in your WordPress blog
  • Use this shortcode [wp_sitemap_page] to the page which you created in the first step
  • Once, done the plugin will display all your pages, posts and even custom post types on the page: Sitemap
  • You can exclude some pages or some Custom Post Type (CPT) from the sitemap page too from the plugin’s settings page
  • The sitemap created by WP Sitemap Page plugin is for human only, not for search engines

Note: WP Sitemap Page plugin do not generate an XML sitemap. To generate one, read this article.

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    You have covered all the information very carefully and the best way to understand the importance of WP Sitemap Page plugin. Your provided information can be helpful to those people who are planning to create new blogging website. And to create sitemaps for it.
    I would like to share my thoughts with you. Overall reasonable explanation but it would be better if you added screenshots to your essential points. So bloggers can get a better understanding of your topic related to sitemap generation and explore it to their blogs too.

    Roshan Bajaj

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