Quick Fix: LED flashlight not working in iPhone X

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Previously, we have published iOS guide on how to download photos/videos in Instagram. I was told that iPhone X users are having problems with LED flashlight although I don’t own iPhone X. However, I’ve managed to arrange iPhone X from one of my friends who was having same LED flashlight issue on his iPhone X. I wandered around and read some forum threads to figure out the issue that causes LED flashlight in iPhone X. Finally, I found solution to fix LED flash not working issue in iPhone X.

If you own iPhone X and you ran into LED flashlight problems then try not to panic. In this article, I’ve shown you how to fix LED flashlight issue in iPhone X.

Fix LED flashlight in iPhone X

iOS is awesome operating system but unfortunately not a lot of people really know how it works. You won’t believe it if I say that LED flashlight not working in iPhone X is not an ISSUE. It is function that is needed to be activated from iPhone X settings to enable LED flashlight.

Steps to enable LED flash in iPhone X

Switching ON and OFF LED flash in iPhone X is like eating pie. Given steps will help you to refresh LED functionality and solve minor issues associated with it.

  • Go to Settings → Swipe to General
  • Look for accessibility option and tap on it
  • Turn OFF  LED flash for alerts option
  • Turn it back ON

The above steps you will be able to fix LED flash issue on your iPhone X.


LED flash alerts option should be refreshed once in a while by turning the alerts OFF then switch back ON. This will definitely fixes LED flash issue in iPhone X.

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