Browse Anonymously on Android Devices with Rocket VPN

You might be confused why to browse anonymously while you have internet connection with secured WiFi? Of course you have but it has become very common that hackers can read your information from different hacking techniques, recently some hackers put their Android applications on Google play store and after a few million downloads the hackers started putting the malicious codes to their Android smartphones/tablets whoever installed their apps and stole everything from there devices i.e., bank account information’s, passwords, cloud storage stuff, personal documents and so on…

Above is just an example, there are many techniques that hackers can use to get inside your Android devices and one of them is your browser’s loose ends and cookies. It is considered to browse anonymously via VPN apps provided in order to secure your privacy.

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Rocket VPN Free Proxy Shield for Android

Rocket VPN is meant to help you protects your privacy and keeps your identity safe and anonymous with its secure virtual private network to unblock geographically restricted sites with Rocket VPN’s worldwide proxy servers in USA, UK, Europe and Asia. However, you can get 500 MBs of free data usage each month to watch videos, stream music or surf securely.

There is a pro version of Rocket VPN Android app as well on which you can upgrade to get unlimited bandwidth usage and the fastest possible speed.

Rocket VPN features:

  • Unblock the internet
  • Quick launch your apps
  • Secure your internet connection
  • Protect your identity and make if anonymous to browse anonymously
  • Guard your privacy

Rocket VPN

Get Rocket VPN Android from Google Play | Download Rocket VPN APK

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