15 Best Task Manager Android Apps in 2019

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Android is the best platform for Smartphones but still, there are some issues which really annoy its user on a regular basis. Among the minor issues, the biggest drawback is the fact that many apps in the background keep running. This type of problems can be resolved with task manager Android apps. It can help you get out of the minor problems in your Android devices.

15 Best Task Manager Android Apps

The background processes in your Android devices take up all the system resources, as a result of which your device’s battery gets down. It means that your Android phone or tablet goes out of battery. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot download apps anymore. You should download the app that can kill these issues.

To help you out in finding the best task manager app, we have compiled a list of top 15 best task manager Android apps, which not only kill background apps but also monitor Android system and make its performance better. Keep reading to find out the best task manager.

ES Task Manager

You might already have the ES File Explorer application on your Android device and you already know its developer’s skills. That’s the reason ES Task Manager is considered as one of the best task manager Android apps. This app doesn’t cost any charges and offers almost all of the task manager features you want to have.

It is a task killer app which enables you to identify all the apps, running in the background and slowing down your system and kills them. If you want to uninstall any app, you can perform the task directly from the ES Task manager for saving up your space. You can also add apps to whitelist which you don’t want to kill while auto-killing.


SystemPanelLite Task Manager

Are you a big fan or geek of sci-fi movies? If yes, then you will really like this interesting task manager app. One of the amazing things about the SystemPanelLite Task Manager is that its UI works to resemble something which is out of a sci-fi movie. SystemPanelLite Task Manager is a great app with detailed charts, statistics, as well as data related to your device’s resources.

This app doesn’t only kill the heavy eating apps in the background but also gives you complete information regarding your smartphone. SystemPanelLite Task manager also makes your device’s performance better by monitoring your system. It has a paid version which costs around $2.99.


3G Watchdog

Watchdog Task Manager is a task monitoring and task killer app. It keeps a close eye on all the eating apps in the background and kills them with a single tap. Whenever any app gets out of control and slows down your system device, Watchdog task manager quickly takes action and gives you a notification regarding the resource eating app.

Download | 3G Watchdog – Task Manager App in PC

GO Cleaner – Boost & Clean

GO Launcher is known as as the best launchers for the Android and launched the task manager named as “GO Cleaner – Boost & Clean”. This app has a slick user interface that is more convenient for you. This app not only kills the background apps but also provides you with plenty of new features such as you can get rid of cache, remove unwanted files and folders clear your browsing data and history, and boost your phone’s speed performance. All of these features are completely free of cost, definitely proving itself one of the best Android task manager apps.


Zapper Task Killer & Manager

Zapper Task Killer & Manager works to zap all the apps, processes and tasks which become the cause of lag in your Android device. Whenever you think that any particular is slowing down your system and squeezing battery juice, you can open the zapper task manager which will work to zap the app and kill it. It has a friendly user interface which shows percentage rings for the CPU usage and memory usage in the app. This app will let you kill particular apps by tapping on them. You can also tap Zap spree to kill all the resource hogging apps in just one tap.


Super Task Killer

Are you looking for a task manager app that doesn’t eat up much of your storage space in Android device? If yes, then you should download Super Task Killer. It is a lightweight app available on the Google play store but still providing all the task manager features. Using this app, you may kill various background processes and increase your phone’s speed performance up to 50%. You can also set specified times so that the app will kill automatically on the times you specified.


Advanced Task Killer

A few months back, when task killers and task managers were really a necessity for the systems of Android platform, this android Advanced Task Killer stood at number one among task killing apps on the Google Play store. Although it is an old task killer and manager app and still manages to provide all the must-have task killing functionalities.

It has a simple and easy-to-navigate layout. This app lets you kill all the background apps and auto-kill if you enable it in the settings. You can also add apps in the whitelist which you don’t want to kill in the auto-kill function.

Download | Advanced Task Killer – Task Manager App in PC

Smart Task Manager

Do you want a task manager app with zero price tag? Smart Task Manager is a free app with tons of features. It shows you how much memory and CPU is running by various apps and you may kill the resource eating apps which are less important. It specializes the capability to backup all your app info and data to the SD card of your phone. This app also lets you back up all the apps and restore whenever needed. It is definitely one of the best features of the Smart Task Manager.


Clean Master

If you want a lot of features for a task manager app, then the clean master can be the best solution for you. This app introduces a number of exciting features which you are not able to find in any other Android task manager app. Clean Master provides you with a basic task killing as well as Android optimization option but on top of that clean master enables you to lock all of your personal applications with a code or password.

Additionally, an antivirus functionality keeps your Android device secure and safe from third-party apps. It also boosts your device’s performance by up to 30%.

Download | Clean Master – Task Manager App in PC

Task Manager

Taskmanager is a type of old-style task manager app that displays a list of tasks as well as the total amount of RAM being used. Task manager app also specializes a dark theme and a capability to kill hogging apps if needed. It neither offers any in-app purchases nor asks for unnecessary access to your personal data. It’s a modern task manager and killer app, which fulfills all of your Android task managing needs.


System Panel 2

SystemPanel 2 is another task manager which is worth using. It doesn’t offer a one-tap solution, instead, it shows the apps running duration and performance throughout the day. It also lets you know CPU usage, memory usage, active apps and many more.

Using the app, you can backup your device’s data. It also offers root function and disabling app option out there. It works very well with Android Nougat. This app is free to use but in-app purchases cost some charges.

Download | System Panel 2 – Task Manager App in PC

Simple System Monitor

Simple System Monitor is a simple and easy-to-use system monitor which displays a variety of system charts. It includes CPU and RAM usage, network activity, GPU usage, as well as some root functions. Simple system monitor also provides a cache cleaner, a task manager, and other tools as well. Furthermore, it supports pre-Android Oreo.


Task Killer

This application exactly works like its name shows. It helps your device killing background running apps, increasing battery life, improving the phone’s performance and much more. All of these features are done with only a single tap. Moreover, you can also monitor CPU, RAM and apps usage and enable auto-killing apps. It supports the Android version of 4.1 Jelly Bean. Task killer is free to use.


All-In-One Toolbox

There are many task manager and speed boosting apps available, but very few of them offer all the features. All In One ToolBox provides you with a variety of features including cache cleaner, CPU cooling function, Batch App Installer as well as Uninstaller, App lock, Backup & Restore, and QR & Barcode scanner as well. It optimizes your device with a single tap.



Here are another task and utility manager app, available for Android. Greenify allows you to manage all of your apps in a new way. This app doesn’t kill the resource eating apps in the background instead it hibernates all the misbehaving applications with only a single tap. As a result of which the hibernated apps stop in the background hence saving your battery life and makes your device smooth-running as well.

Although, if you want to use any of the hibernated apps, what you need to do is to open the app and it will start working its functions but when you close those applications, it immediately goes back to hibernation. This app also boosts up your device performance speed.

Download | Greenify – Task Manager App in PC

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