10+ Great Password Locker Applications for Android

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2014)

Securing documents from once is great especially when you DON’T want to reveal your personal information/stuff from others in your mobile phones. And those who uses Android, they have plenty of applications to keep passwords in their mobile phones. Because, Android have made it even more easy to keep secure their passwords, pins, puks, security questions, folders, files, etc in the mobile phone. So, the day is today we are going to show you some more useful Android apps who offers password lockers.

Great Password Locker Applications for Android

1. Keeper Password & Data Vault

It’s the ever best application to make your files password protected. Use Keeper Password & Data Vault to simply store and manage your private information from others by keeping strong password.

Keeper® Password Data Vault Android Application

Free Version
Local Storage Only

Paid Version
Local Storage PLUS
Web App
Cloud Backup
Multi-Device Sync
24×7 Live Support
Try the PAID version at no charge for 30 days


2. aWallet Password Manager

It’s the one who gives you a full control over your files, folders in your mobile phone. Unlike other similar Android apps aWallet has no internet access permissions (forever). The only permissions aWallet application has is actually access SD card to backup/restore the data files in case you lose your phone. The SD card accesses to export to CSV file format.


3. Universal Password Manager

Universal Password Manager let’s you enable to store your usernames, passwords, URLs and other notes all in an AES database which is protected by only one master password. Moreover, the internet access will be used if you selects to use Remote Database feature of universal password manager.


4. Lite-VT Password Keeper

Lite-VT password Keeper store your financial information safe such as your usernames, passwords, URLs, Name of the Folder and other notes. It gives you a master pass to access all information in one place.


5. NS Wallet – Password Manager

NS Wallet is reliable Password manager with locker for your confidential information such as passwords, CC, DC Card numbers, pin codes, phones contact, etc.

Main features

With NS Wallet you don’t need to remember every passwords, pin codes and other important information, however this android application gives you only one master password to access all the passwords in one place.

NS Wallet Password Manager Android Application on Google Play


 6. SecureSafe Password Manager

SecureSafe is free password manager who manages your all passwords, keys, security questions, pin codes, and other financial credential information all in one place. It’s really a great UI and tool for easy storing passwords. I feel comfortable that my passwords are protected in my own android device.

SecureSafe Password Manager Android Application


7. Password Protector Box Keeper

Using this application you can save your financial details such as passwords, CC card numbers, PUK, etc. Well, to access the full version of password protector box keeper you get to pay.


8. Password Keepox Free

Password Keepox is a simple application designed for managing your all passwords, pin codes in a secure way on your Android device.


9. LastPass Password Mgr Premium Android Application

Mobile version of the award-winning LastPass password manager. Fast, easy and simple; securely syncs your passwords across all your browsers and devices.


10. Moxier Wallet Password Manager

Moxier Wallet helps you to secure your web logins, passwords, pins, puk, and other financial data just within your android device! Multi-platform syncing capabilities for Android/PC/Mac/iPhone/iPod touch. Moxier Wallet makes your life easier and your data safer.


11. MindWallet – Password Manager

MindWallet let’s you organize, store your all kind data and information securely. All you need to do is to remember only one master password instead of dozens of passwords, pin, puks, keys, security questions all in one.


12. KeyRing Free Password Manager

This password manager is actually designed to give you secure and comfortable storage of your accounts information financially.

KeyRing Free Password Manager


What Others Say about These Applications
1. Review about Keeper Password & Data Vault
I’ve used Keeper to store all my passwords on my PC since 2009. The couple times I’ve needed support I’ve gotten help very promptly. Now I have Keeper on my Nexus 7 tablet and my iPhone, as well as on a couple PCs. Info on all devices is synched. Keeper is an awesome app, highly recommended!!
by Glenn Wilder
2. Review about aWallet Password Manager
Wht a useful app this is. It even gives us full control on what fields to save.. amazing and must have app. Very useful. Thank you guys and good luck..
by Rajesh Wadhwani
3. Review about Universal Password Manager
Been using this for a few years, love the sync with drop box. This is the perfect password manager.
by Horace Jackson Sr.
4. Review about Lite-VT Password Keeper
Keeps my passwords very safe. Very thankful!
by Jenny Haske
5. Review about NS Wallet – Password Manager
Very professionally done. I Have probably tried 20 such apps within the last 10 years or so. Nice icons and category choices.Premium version has nice choices of themes, it’s a keeper for me.

by Gregory Kosmeder

6. Review about NS Wallet – Password Manager
A great UI and tool for easily storing passwords. I feel comfortable that my passwords are protected.
by David Falkowski

7. Review about Password Protector Box Keeper

This is by far the best app Im proud to say I have. It is very stupid and rediculous to use. I’d give it 2 stars and deservingly so!!!!!
by Jerrick Catugda

8. Review about Password Keepox Free
Installed this app, entered a master password, but unable to open. Uninstalled, downloaded again, same thing. There’s a ton of similar other apps available, not wasting any more time on this one!
by Eric Johnson

9. Review about LastPass Password Mgr Premium Android Application
This app is absolute garbage. 5 stars, who are you people kidding? It looks like it was thrown together in one day, it is hardly intuitive, and it doesn’t load pages half of the time! Not to mention the keyboard doesn’t let me input from the LastPass browser (Galaxy Nexus).
by Jackson Warren

10. Review about Moxier Wallet Password Manager
You need exchange/ backup to be usefull- and 20 US too expensive per year.
by Hans Heumann

11. Review about MindWallet – Password Manager
i have been using this program for a long time. it is a great one. i do not have to remember pass words any more. I wish that you can synchronize data with pc.
by Akram Alkhadra

12. KeyRing Free Password Manager
Does what i need it to simple no extra items like many others. Which are good if you need em but I need basically a locked list of my passwords. This app does it nicely.
by Jade Darrell


  1. Have you forgotten Enpass.
    This app is having clean UI & great UX. It is available for FREE on all major platforms.
    The desktop that is coming till end of this month is absolutely FREE.

      1. The desktop version of Enpass for Mac has already been released and for FREE (limited period only). For Windows coming this week.

  2. PassVault is a easy and powerful app to manage password in a very reliable and secure way. Store in a cipher database all your passwords for Web, email, Social Media, Banking accounts, etc.
    – All your data is fully encrypted with a strong, password-based, government-grade 256-bit AES cipher. This way your information is protected from unauthorized access by thieves, hackers and malware.
    – FREE and without Ads.
    – Backup your database to your favorite services (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc)


  3. I think that password manager can be realy usefull, but it depends on which one are you using. I have free app Sticky Password in my phone and it is really good.

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