15 Best Weather Forecast Android apps in 2019

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I go on business trips, family vacations, just like everyone else in this world. It’s good to have some fun with your loved ones, and vacations are the best way to freshen up your mind. Take some break when you feel overwhelmed by the work, it will help you stay healthy in every aspect of life. Yeah, now let’s talk about the weather.

Imagine you’re about to go on a family vacation and you did not check on weather updates in that area/country. What happens if there’s a thunderstorm coming? or What will you do if there’s already heavy rain going on? What if it’s too hot to go there? or What if it’s too cold to be there? See, you’re not ready for the outcomes you will face if any of these situations happen. Wouldn’t it be better for you to check on weather updates before actually going there?

Don’t worry because we, at Softstribe, tried our best and compiled the list for top 15 best weather forecast android apps in 2019. Read the rest of the article and we assure you, you will never regret it.

15 Best Weather Forecast Android Apps


This is a weather app by One Louder Apps who are a well-respected name in the software industry. The app is not new in the market but has a sturdy and respected reputation to back it up. The app is one of the most best reviewed presently available.

1Weather has regular features like daily and hourly forecast as well as sophisticated features. The design is simple and easy to understand with Android Wear support, the option to track the weather of 12 different cities simultaneously and the language option for 25 languages. The app is completely free and the paid app only removes ads.

Download | 1Weather – Weather Forecast Apps for PC


This is a highly regarded weather app with basic and extended features included. The extra features that make the app interesting as Android Wear support, radar and other similar features. The app also has the MinuteCast feature that tells whether it’s going to rain or not based on a live minute by minute assessment. This app is best if you live in a rainy city like New York or London. It has regular updates and is highly reliable in the long run.

Download | Accuweather – Weather Forecast Apps for PC

YoWindow Weather

This is a unique weather app as it is unusually flashy for a weather app. The interface lets you use the touch screen to find out the weather of any city at any time of the day. If you like fancy and shiny content then this is certainly your app.

But the app has certain limitations like the features are a bit limited. The paid version does have some exclusive features but most of these features are available for free on other apps. It’s good if your weather needs are not too sophisticated but you like a modern interface.

Download | YoWindow Weather – Weather Forecast Apps for PC

Carrot Weather

This is one of the good apps that have recently come out this year. The app is different because it has a witty quotes feature that makes the interface thought-provoking and interesting. The app also has a range of interesting features along with the standard ones.

The weather app has a weather widget that lets the user see seventy years of weather history of the city or location they are searching. The premium feature is from $1.99 to $3.99 for the full year. If you have a lot of use for weather widgets than the premium app is your best bet. Its engaging, high quality and very reliable.


Dark Sky

This app was weak in the beginning for putting subscription option. As it was not done at that time, the app good criticized for unreasonable capitalism. But as subscriptions are common so now the app has moved ahead of these controversies. The app still provides the best features in the market and all of the important features are for free. The subscription is only if you need ay more specific features.


Google Assistant

This is not an exclusive weather app but we would be remiss not to discuss this one. Their weather feature is highly detailed and very reliable. You can ask Google for the weather of any location and you will receive the most accurate information.

It is not a proper weather app and will not have the expected features but it is thoroughly free, highly reliable and regularly available. Most Android devices have it installed so that is also an issue that is solved.



This is a simple app that has weather radar with a wide range of features such as animation for forecasting the weather. The free available app is simple but complex and interesting features an also be bought. The additional features include tracking hurricanes among many other features. It is quite limited in its free version and is best to be used with another app.


NOAA Weather Unofficial

This is a private app that takes its information from National Weather Service and NOAA. The features such as weather forecasts, hourly updates on weather conditions, radar and many other features are all available.

It allows you to track multiple cities at the same time and a wide range of weather widgets are available for choice. The app does not have a feature that gives severe weather warnings and that is an issue. But there are paid and free versions available for use.

Download | NOAA Weather Unofficial – Weather Forecast for PC

Storm Radar

This is the app if you have hurricane-related worries. This is a weather app and has all the regular weather app features. But it also has a strong focus on severe weather patterns like severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and any other weather calamities.

The storm radar has a wide and deep range of customization options that allow you to build weather forecasting routine that will be exclusively designed for you. The app is from The Weather Channel and is a highly sophisticated product that is available completely free.


Today Weather

The app came out in 2017 and was celebrated at the time of launch. The app is clean, simple, very efficient and has all the necessary features. The app will tell you about weather forecast factors like humidity, the real feel, extreme weather alerts, and many other useful features.

Today Weather also gives an account of air quality index, sunrise/sunset times and moon cycles. The radar is an exemplary interface that is worth experiencing. The app is free and can be purchased if advanced features are needed.

Download | Today Weather – Weather Forecast for PC


This is an oldie but a goodie. It has all the main features available in a good weather app like weather forecasts, radar, weather alerts, and temperature updates. The app has 18 weather maps, traffic condition updates, a lightning alert system, and many other features as well. There are weather widgets that can be separately downloaded. The interface is modern, simple and easy to use. The app is highly recommended for a regular user.


Weather Channel

The app comes with brand recognition that takes it a long way ahead than the competition. The app lives up to the brand name and has all the good features needed such as future forecast, severe weather alerts, current temperatures, radar, and many more features.

It also has breaking news, lightening alerts as well as pollen alerts. The app has a wide range of widgets, a spate tablet user interface for tablet users and many other features. It is ideal if you have a need for simple but regular and reliable information. The app is completely free for all.


Weather Underground

This is another well-established app with all the main features available. With these features, it also has UV risk, pollen, and local flu breakouts alert. The app also has its own weather widget and a hyper-local weather option which is unique.

The feature basically employees individuals who are close to the location of your interest and will tell you the weather in that area in real-time. The free version includes all the features and paid subscription only frees you from the advertising.


What The Forecast

This is a new edition of the list of good weather apps and is used pretty commonly. The screenshots of this app are readily spread across social media in memes and sarcastic content. The app has 6600 phrases that exclude profanity-laced content. This has given the app a wider range of popularity than usual.

The app also has a seven-day forecast, integration with AerisWeather, the real feel, current temperature, and other similar features. This is a famous app for being fun and is becoming famous for its engaging interface.


Yahoo’s Weather App

Last but not least, the app comes with the brand name of Yahoo! The app has a sophisticated and beautiful design with important weather information. The app can track 20 cities simultaneously and has beautiful imagery that keeps it appealing.

It is simple, very flashy and will give you all the necessary information. Unless you need a correspondent from the city to tell you a human perspective, many of the other features are excessive. This app is free, stylish and is meant as a way for the common user to get the necessary information.


These apps vary a great deal in terms of what they can offer. This can be disorienting to a new user. Our advice is to avoid going for the most features. Many of these apps will have endless updates or will have heavy MB sizes due to the features they are offering. If they eat up your storage space then they are of no use to you.

Our advice is to ask yourself what you need in your app and make sure that your chosen app has those features. But after that, take the lightest most simple app you can choose. All the big branded weather apps are light and simple with no over abuse of information. The reason is that they understand if the user if forces to delete their app due to its weight than the app is of no use.

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