Top 10 Highly Matching Alternatives of WampServer

The WampServer is an open source offline Windows web development software. Using WampServer you will be able continue creating web applications with Apache, PHP and MySQL database using such great platforms Windows, Linux, MAC, etc. However, WampServer is free to use with new versions of PHPMyAdmin and SQLite Manager to manage your databases easily. You don’t need to install PhpMyAdmin, or PHP because they will be installed with the installation of WampServer. There are some alternatives of WampServer, let’s check out them.


1. XAMPP Server

It’s really hard to install Apache web server and the more harder is that when you want to install MySQL, PHP and Perl with Apache, in order to make the web development journey a lot more easier. XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution which contains MySQL, PHP and Perl for Windows, Linux, MAC like platforms. XAMPP is easy to use, just download, exact from .zip and install the exe setup in your computer.



2. Apache HTTP Server

The Apache HTTP Server Project is a collaborative software for web development it aims to create a robust, commercial-grade, feature-full, and freely-available source code implementation of an HTTP (Web) server. The project is managed by a group of volunteers around the world, using the Web to communicate, plan, and develop the server. Actually, this project is a part of Apache Software Foundation.

Apache HTTP Server

Download Apache

3. Mamp Server

Mamp Server is a great environment for web development offline for such awesome platforms (Linux, Windows, and MAC). It aims to provide a clean interface to web developers with such nice web development tools Apache, PHP, MySql, PHPMYADMIN, SQLiteManager 1.2.4 etc.

Get Mamp Server

4. AMPPS Server by Softaculous

Ampps Server provides you an offline web server for your web development practice and supports Windows, Linux and MAC. AMPPS server is brought to you by Softaculous. It gives you following things in one setup installation: 

  • Apache : 2.2.21
  • MySQL : 5.5.27 
  • PHP : 5.4.6, 5.3.16 and 5.2.17
  • PERL : 5.10.1 
  • Python : 2.7.2 
  • MongoDB(64-bit) : 2.0.7 

Get Ampps Server

5. EasyPHP WebServer 

EasyPHP WebServerEasyPHP WebServer is designed to give you personal web hosting offline inside of your computer. This includes all in one web hosting control panel and is able to turn a home server into an easy to use and manage secured web hosting server. Those who want to learn web applications like WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal, Joomla! can also install these applications in EasyPhp WebServer and learn them offline without internet access. 

EasyPHP WebServer

6. The Uniform Server 

The Uniform Server is an offline server that enables us to run web applications on MS Windows-based computer. Developers can also use Uniform Server to test their web applications made on either PHP, MySQL, Perl, or the Apache HTTPd Server. It includes the latest versions of Apache2, Perl5, PHP5, MySQL5, phpMyAdmin, to use just download, unpack and run.

The Uniform Server logog

Get Uniform Server

7. WnMp Server 

WnMp server can serve you with Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP like server along with more focus on recent technologies. It’s nice with clean training Environment for Web Development and all your web applications (coding) is stored locally in your computer.


8. UwAmp Server 

UwAmp server  is a Windows-based server aims to give you access to test your web applications locally being offline, I mean without using internet. You don’t need to install it into your computer however download a copy of .Zip file, just unpack it and you can run the wamp server. 

UwAmp Wamp Server Apache MySQL PHP

Get UWamp

9. WPN-XM Web Server

To develop web applications with PHP web programming language, every programmer needs an operating system, web server, and a database to store the data inside of it. And if you want to start implementing PHP offline in Windows try WPN-XM web server. 



10. SecureWamp 

With SecureWAMP you can set up an installation that combines Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP in just a few minutes without having knowledge. This includes the following things: 

  • Apache (2.4.x, VC9)
  • PHP 5.4.x 
  • MySQL 5.5.x 
  • SQLite 3.x 
  • PhpMyAdmin 3.x 
  • Mercury/32 Mail-Server 4.7.x
  • Python 2.7
  • Perl 5 and more…


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  1. Thank you for the post. Wamp server is a dead project, it was confirmed to me from Author Romain Bourdon on support ticket

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