Rublon Invisible Two-Factor Authentication in WordPress

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Did you ever realize when you login to your WordPress blog that someone else (Hacker) would also be trying to login into your WordPress blog by making tons of failed login attempts which is known as brute force attack by attackers (Spam-bots). As WordPress is open source software and helps you building powerful websites and the hackers are now aiming (targeting) to hack WordPress blogs because of high volume of users that are using it out there on internet. What I was saying that how to enable the powerful security by Rublon about protecting the invisible two-factor authentication in WordPress.


Rublon WordPress plugin aims to protect your WordPress account from sign-ins from unknown devices, even when your password gets stolen. Rublon is a seamless way of securing your on-line accounts and the easiest two-factor authentication solution in the world. Rublon promises to protect your most important personal data, business and financial operations, by restricting access from unknown devices.

Rublon two factor authentication wordpress

How Rublon WordPress Plugin Works?

Follow the steps:

  1. First thing you need to do is install and activate the plugin Rublon in your blog
  2. Go to Settings → Rublon
  3. Click the Activate Rublon button, by chance if you have already a System Token and Secret Key, please paste them into the input fields and click “Save”.

Rublon settings page

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