How to: Make WordPress Login Area Password Protected?

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Just came up with a really great way to protect the WordPress login area with one more layer of security. As the brute force attacks has been increased from the past few months. Many of you out there still are not able to access their WordPress login area, and get this error as they try to login to their WordPress blog “WordPress Logins Temporarily Disabled” Why? It’s that simple to understand about the error “WordPress Logins Temporarily Disabled”.

Let me tell you a little bit more about it. Have ever realized that the hacking bots are trying enter into your WordPress blog’s admin area by making tons of failed login attempts on your wp-admin or wp-login.php page. Basically, the concept why you are not able to access your blog admin area because the bots have made tons of failed login attempts. That’s the reason WordPress is restricting everyone from accessing WordPress login area of your blog. This phenomenon of invalid login attempts is termed as “Brute Force Attack” on WordPress login area.

But you can login to your WordPress blog under brute force attacks by following this article.

In this article I’m going to show you how to make WordPress login area password protected? By adding one more layer of security over WordPress Login (wp-login.php or wp-admin pages).

Password Protection

Password Protection is a free security plugin of WordPress which adds an additional layer of security over WordPress login area. Which requires a username and password whoever try to access WordPress login screen of you blog. This plugin adds HTTP basic authentication as secondary defense layer for wp-admin and it definitely blocks brute force attacks.

password protected wp-admin

How it Works?

1. Install and activate Password Protection WordPress plugin (how to install a WordPress plugin).

2. Once activated navigate to Settings > Password Protection

3. Enter a username and password on the plugin’s settings page ( Hint: don’t use the same login details as your WordPress admin account ).

4. Any user or bot whoever try to attempts the WordPress login area (wp-admin or wp-login.php) will have got to enter the additional authorization details as configured in plugin’s settings page.

Note: No security plugin provides 100% protection from hackers. But this plugin makes it somewhat harder for them to gain access using automated techniques. ALWAYS KEEP UP TO DATE BACKUPS and use STRONG PASSWORDS

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