How to Import MS Excel Files into WordPress

As we know that MS Excel is one of the best spreadsheet application that was built by Microsoft company. Using MS Excel we can easily make calculations, graphing, create pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications. It has been a very widely applied spreadsheet for these platforms that’s why I have decided to write this article about How to Import MS Excel Files into WordPress? As one of our visitor were looking to import MS Excel Files into WordPress and embed those files directly in WordPress blog posts/pages.

So, this article will help WordPress users to easily import MS Excel files into WordPress.

Importing MS Excel Files into WordPress

WP Excel CMS is a simple WordPress plugin to import MS Excel files into WordPress and use the data in your WordPress themes with the help of built-in shortcode support of WP Excel CMS plugin. Let me tell you that no database entries are created by this plugin however the all files are json based. You can use as many excel files on one page as you want.

Let’s suppose that you have a guestlist in your MS excel and want to embed the that list in your WordPress blog posts/pages you can simply do that by uploading the list from your computer to WP Excel CMS.

For example:

If you’ve a guestlist in MS excel and you want to display that list especially on your WordPress blog, then you can easily upload the excel file in your admin interface and then use wp_excel_cms_get("guestlist"); to get the structured data in your template.

Shortcode that will apply to display the guestlist in your WordPress posts/pages is:

Shortcode: [wp_excel_cms name=”guestlist”]

WP Excel CMS Screenshot

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