How to Download Any Installed WP Theme as .zip file in WordPress?

As we know that WordPress theme/plugin installer supports .zip file in order to install themes or plugins but it does not give a really great functionality to download installed WP themes in .zip formatted file. So, eventually we got to download our installed themes via FTP client area when needed. But in this little piece of article, I’m going to show you how to download any installed WP theme in .zip file?

Let me make this article a little more brief that what I’m gonna show you a great WordPress plugin which on installation gives you an easy way to download your installed WP themes in .zip formatted file.

Theme Downloader

Theme Downloader is actually the plugin I’m talking about… This plugin gives you, what you desire from it. I mean to say that it simply adds a download icon under installed WordPress themes. On clicking the button the theme will be downloaded in .zip formatted file.

 Theme Downloader to download installed wp themes as zip file

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