Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Make your Blog Mobile Responsive

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It’s a list article about some free WordPress plugins which enable your WordPress blog theme compatible in mobile devices. So that the your users who came from mobile devices will no longer have to see the broken theme. Let me tell you that the following plugins are not tested in any mobile device. But I’ve listed this of the following plugins on the basis of their rating shown on WordPress.

Anyway, check out the list and decide about one plugin that you will use for your WordPress blog.

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Mobile Responsive

WordPress Plugins to Make your Blog Mobile Responsive

1. WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack a simple WP plugin switch your standard WordPress theme to be viewable in mobile devices. I just wondered that this plugin makes your entire WP blog including admin panel, widgets, posts, pages, etc responsive. If you got this plugin in your blog then you don’t even need to sit on PC to manage your WordPress you can directly manage your WordPress from your mobile.


2. Any Mobile Theme Switcher

Any Mobile Theme Switcher easily detects the mobile devices and display the theme as configured from plugin’s settings page. You can use multiple themes for separate devices to display just from admin panel. Currently, these of the following mobiles are supported by this plugin:

Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, Parm Os, Android, Android Tab, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Opera Mini and Others Mobile Browsers.


3. Frndzk Easy Mobile Theme Switcher with Theme pack

It’s also a good plugin in case converting your theme responsive to the mobile devices. Frndzk Mobile Theme Switcher and Theme Pack easily yet automatically detects mobile device as other plugin’s does and shows mobile compatible theme. However, you don’t even need to setup or configure this plugin because it’s works automatically.


4. Device Theme Switcher

Yet another WordPress plugin enables you to specify the themes for handhelds and tablets mobiles. Set a theme for handhelds and a theme for tablets.


5. Mobile theme switch

Mobile theme switch which is a simple WP plugin detects whether your WP blog is being viewed in mobile devices and switches to a different, select-able theme. To check if your mobile is being viewed by mobile browsers these URLs will help you to check:
myurl/?mobile=on or myurl/?mobile=off This is locally being stored using a cookie.


6. UserAgent Theme Switcher

It’s what I called this plugin highly responsive which detects the screen and lets you change the theme to be displayed according to the detected screen.


7. Multi Device Switcher

Multi Device Switcher allows you to assign separate themes for different devices. Detects if your blog is being viewed by User Agent, and switches to selected theme.


  • Set a separate theme for device (Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Mobile Phone, Game) switches to selected theme
  • Add every device by the Custom Switcher
  • Add links ‘Mobile’ or ‘PC’ in the theme by the PC Switcher, switch to the default theme


8. Stein Mobile Switcher


9. WP Mobile Edition


10. Mobile Detector


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