3 Best Free WordPress Plugins to Set Preloader on WordPress Site

If you have been using WordPress then you might have noticed on latest, highly-customized new themes a preloader image that comes when we try to view the theme. What exactly preloader do, it loads the website first on the back of preloader (a complete static page with a little animated GIF image in center of the page) and when the site completely gets loaded in the browser then the preloader automatically fades away and shows the website.

So, what we are gonna share with you guys today a best list of free WordPress plugins that will help you to set preloader on your WordPress site/blog. You don’t have to change the theme to get that preloader feature, you can simply add that to your WordPress blog by using any plugin from the list below.

Best Free WordPress Plugins to Set Preloader on WordPress Site


With Preloader WordPress plugin you can add preloader to your website very easily, responsive, retina, fully-customized and the best part it is compatible with all major browsers. If you use this plugin, you will get more than 9 options to display preloader in full website or in posts only or in pages only, and so on. As I said before this plugin is compatible with Google Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari, IE9, IE10, IE11 and the very latest Edge browser which is just rolled out with Windows 10.

Download Preloader plugin | Demo

Preloader WordPress Plugin
Preloader WordPress Plugin

WP Simple and Nice Preloader

WP Simple and Nice Preloader is very simple WordPress plugin to add preloader in any WordPress blog. It have more the 12 preloader CSS3 styles so you can choose the preloader style that matches with your site color scheme. The best part is, you can option to select a different preloader style for internet explorer. The plugin works as well when an ajax request is being processed behind the scenes.

Download WP Simple and Nice Preloader

BH Custom Preloader

BH Custom Preloader is a jQuery custom preloader for WordPress. Like the other preloader plugins, it guarantees to enable awesome custom preloaders that suits your site. You can easily customize the plugin to meet your desires like changing preloader image and upload the one you desire. You can change the body background color as well. BH Custom Preloader comes with preloader effects, preloader speed & other settings & by using the options of this plugin.

Download BH Custom Preloader

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