How to: Create Excellent Forums with bbPress in WordPress?

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Forum, forum and forum… Many of you guys want to have a forum on your websites. Sounds good. As no one want to give their users any kind of troubles but solve their problem once hear from them. And one of the best solution to get updated every day with your visitors problems is what we called Forum. 🙂 Where your visitors ask questions with all community members and in back their problems will be solved easily with the contributions of forum users and admins.

Yeah I know, forum is the most important thing that a blog owner should care about. After all, visitors are the only one who makes your blog community live… So, in this article I’m going to show you simple and easy way to create forums in WordPress just with a plugin called bbPress.

If you are a Genesis Framework user try integrating bbPress with Genesis, here.

WordPress and bbPress Forum

Forums with bbPress in WordPress

Every time when working on WordPress I realize that WordPress developers try to keep things as small and light as possible and this time I walked through a very great WordPress plugin which enable users to create forums on there existing blogs.

bbPress is a simple yet easy to use WordPress plugin which gives you the access to create forums one click installations. Follow steps below to get started with a forum for your WP blog.

Installations and Usage

1. Download bbPress, install and activate it to your blog (Click here, to learn how to install a WP plugin)
2. Settings > Forums to adjust the configurations for the forum
3. Create some forums from the dashboard by going to Forums > New Forum

Forums in WordPress

4. You can see the forum if you have created, like:

View Forums in WordPress bbPress

5. On clicking the link view you’ll see the board where the published topics will be shown in the forum General Talk.

Forum General Talk Softstribe WOrdPress

6. If you have created some forums there in your blog with bbPress try displaying these all forums in Front-end page. You will be able to do this by simply creating a New page in your blog and add the following shortcode in it. Title the page whatever you want and add some description about the Forums front-end page.

Softstribe — WordPress

Make sure that you have enabled the option to “Anyone can register” from Settings > General.

General Settings WordPress

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