How to: Integrate bbPress Forum with Genesis Framework?

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Hi there, previously I’ve written an informative article about how to build Forums with bbPress in WordPress? But what if someone is using Genesis Framework… For those folks who uses Genesis Framework and have struck in the middle. Let me help them out. In this article I’m going to show you that how to integrate bbPress forum with Genesis? Here we go…

Genesis bbpress in WordPress

Integrate bbPress Forum with Genesis

First of all, let explain a little bit more about how we can integrate bbPress Forums with Genesis… In order to integrate the bbPress forum with Genesis you don’t need to locate any kind of codes in our core themes files. No it’s not. But The way of doing this simple task to integrate bbPress Forum with Genesis is to install and activate a simple WordPress plugin and configure that plugin on the right way.

bbPress Genesis Extend

bbPress Genesis Extend is the plugin I’m talking about. It’s the same WordPress plugin which can fulfill our necessities. I liked this plugin so much and try to share it with my reader right over here. Following are the main features that this plugin provides:


  • It adds an option for a forum specific sidebar
  • It adds an option to control the layout of your forum, separate from Genesis Tab
  • If a forum has a specific layout set, all topics in that forum will use that layout.
  • Adds Genesis SEO Controls for Forums

Follow the instructions below to get started with bbPress Forums integrated in Genesis:

  1. Download, install and activate the plugin called bbPress Genesis Extend
  2. Go to Genesis > Theme Settings
  3. Select the layout from the left side menu and check the box if you want additional sidebar on the bbPress forum page

bbPress in Genesis Framework

4. Update the permalinks once by going to Settings > Permalinks which will prevent 404 errors if occurred.

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  1. Bro… Thanks for this but I don’t understand how to add it….. Can you provide a comprehensive guide

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    1. Hi @Kingsley, it’s not a big deal to integrate bbPress forum with Genesis because all you have to do is to install this plugin and then try visiting your forum once again… That’s all you are done.

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