How to add Christmas Countdown Widget in WordPress

Christmas is coming and I hope you guys are curiously waiting for it and maybe you are trying your best to make your blogs better for Christmas by adding snow falling effects, Christmas lights and more.

If you are trying to add a countdown timer on your WordPress site about Christmas then you should read the rest of article because in this article I have shared a very easy way to add Christmas countdown widget in WordPress and the best part is that you don’t even need to learn any coding language to install Christmas countdown timer widget.

Add Christmas Countdown Widget in WordPress

Previously, we have shared how to hide and display WordPress widgets on specific posts and pages to prevent creating multiple custom sidebars. So if you want to display Christmas countdown widget on some pages and hide from some specific pages then you should read that article.

However, Christmas Countdown Widget is a WordPress plugin which helps you to display a cute Santa Claus Countdown Clock in your WordPress sites’ sidebar. On the widget, it displays how many days left till December 25, 2015.

Here is a screenshot of the Christmas countdown widget:

Christmas Countdown Widget WordPress

In order to add the Christmas widget on your WordPress site just install Christmas Countdown Widget plugin and activate it. Once you activated the plugin simply drag and drop the widget called ‘Santa’s Countdown‘ in the sidebar (by going to Appearance > Widgets). All done, the plugin works automatically and countdown automatically gets updated each year and starts over again. Though, you can leave it in the sidebar all year long if you like. haha!

Now, you can use the shortcode [countdown] to add the countdown to posts/pages or custom post types. Please comment below if you have any questions.

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