Top 5 Snow Fall WordPress Plugins with Jquery Effects

Have seen the winter season of falling snow and wanna add the snow fall in your WordPress blog. How to add snow fall in your WordPress blog? This question will be flushed out in this article because today we’ll show you about top 10 snow Fall WordPress Plugins that enable you to add falling snow in your blog to show the feelings of passing winter. BTW, Merry Christmas everyone with exactly seven days left!

“Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we have no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”

Snowfall WordPress Plugins

Snow Fall WordPress Plugins

Note: before we began backup your whole blog database because most of the plugins are incompatible with 3.5 upgraded core version of WordPress.

1. Snow Storm

This plugin allows you to display a falling snow animation over your blog posts/pages. You can also configure the plugin settings by going to Settings > Snow Storm.

WordPress Snow Storm Plugin


2. Snow Effect for WordPress using Jquery

This plugin works with Jquery and install automatically features of falling snow in your blog. There is not settings page for the plugin because it’ll work on to your blog automatically.


3. WP Snow Effect

Actually, this plugin is using softstribe currently, and there is no settings page for it but it works effective on to your blog. I think that 3.5 WordPress Core version is supported by the plugin. So, enjoy using it…


4. WP Snowfall

This plugin will create effects of falling the snow for your WordPress site. There is no need to configure this plugin. You can add custom CSS to your site if you want to make your body background becomes darker. For example:

body{ background: #333; } 

5. Snow, balloons and more

If you are trying to add nice looking animated Xhristmas (Christmas) Snow to your blog from top of site. Try using this plugin and get the solution in one click installation. There is a complete set of snow stakes and also having some great features…


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