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How to Add Caption in JetPack Slideshow in WordPress

Caption is good way to describe something usually caption is like a title or brief explanation accompanying an illustration, cartoon, or poster. In this way, I realize that people should add caption on images to make them clearly understand. However, in this article I’ll show you how to add caption in JetPack Slideshow in WordPress.

Slideshow Captions for JetPack

Slideshow Captions for JetPack WordPress plugin help you to modify the default slideshow caption feature in JetPack plugin. JetPack’s handling of photo’s captions doesn’t work well with long captions (as it overlays the caption above the photo). After installing and activating this plugin go to Add Media → Create Gallery → Choose photos → Create new gallery → Add captions to photos → Change type to slideshow in Gallery Settings → Insert Gallery

Slideshow Captions for Jetpack Screenshot 01
Slideshow Captions for Jetpack Screenshot 01

However, slideshow captions for JetPack plugin will modify the layout so that the caption is displayed below the photo and the slideshow expands to accommodate. Whereas I’ve already written an article about How to Create Image Gallery in WordPress without a Plugin where I’ve described about how we add gallery in WordPress using WordPress’s built-in Gallery feature. Here the example:

Slideshow Captions for Jetpack Screenshot
Slideshow Captions for Jetpack Screenshot

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